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Artist :Mary J Blige
Title :

Your Child

Itís too bad, itís too bad
Itís too bad, itís too bad baby
But I gotta face reality
Itís too bad, itís too bad
Too bad baby, yeah
But I gotta face reality

Today you had a visitor
Or should I say an old friend
But wait a minute
Thatís not where it ends no
Is there something
That you want to tell me, hmm
Cause Iím believing what your friends say
About your hidden secret seeds

1 - The girlfriend
She wasnít disrespectful
In fact, sheís a hundred percent sure
And how could I argue with her
Holding a baby with eyes like yours

2 - She said itís your child
And it really messed me up
How could you deny
Your own flesh and blood
Gotta face reality
There can never be anymore us
More than life hurt me
Yes so precious

She said she never, wanted to hurt me
And could I understand, sheís afraid and lost
She said a real woman wouldnít do this over the phone
And that you told her about me after the baby was born

Repeat 1

Repeat 2 (2x)

Hmm, oh I canít, looks just like you
How could you deny your own flesh and blood
Your own child
What kind of man are you?
Oh, oh the girlfriend

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