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Artist :Alicia Keys
Album :Songs In A Minor
Title :


yay. Dear lord can you take it away? This pain in my heart that follows me by day. And at night it stalks me like the shadows on my wall. oh my goodness!
verse one: Feel like the world is closing on me. Feel like my dream will never come to me. I keep on slippin' deeper into myself. And I'm scared
so scared.
chorus: If you're troubled
you just gotta let it go. If you're worried baby
you just gotta let it go. All yo hustles ain't for nothing.
You just gotta take it slow. When ya need me baby all you do is let me know.
verse two: Why does it feel that my mind is constantly trying to pull me down? I can't seem to get away. Continuous mistakes I know I've made before. How long will I feel so out of place?
chorus then sirens then chorus and out

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