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Artist :Adam Sandler
Title :

Food Innuendo Guy

Ooooh yeah
BabybabybabyI wanna stew your tomato
BabybabybabyI want to french fry your potato
Babybabybabywon't you pluck my grapes
Won't you peel my banana like a pack of wild apes?
I'm your food innuendo guyyour food innuendo guy

Babybabybabyyou got honeydew melons
Babybabybabycan't you see my brocolli swelin
Oh babybabybabyI wanna taste your watercress
I wanna slip my celery stick up the back of your dress
I'm your food innuendo guyyour food innuendo guy

Oh what will it take
Don't go so soon
You'll miss my carrot cake
And my cream of mushroom

Oh babybabybabymy jalapeno's red hot
BabybabybabyI wanna stuff all that cabbage you got
I'm your food innuendo guyfood innuendo guy
Oh yeah
Oooooooh yeah

Oh babybabybabyyou got eggplant parmigiana
Babybabybabybite my zucchini if you wanna
I'll give you fresh fruit salad
I don't get it from no can
Your string bean days are over
I'm your cucumber man
I'm your food inunendo guyfood innuendo guy
Oh so delicious


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