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Artist :Adam Sandler
Title :


[Arsenio (Chris Rock):]
Now don't leave us hanging with just that.

YeahI hear thatArsenio.
Yo guyslets kick it!

[Music starts playing]

Yo nowbefore we start singing
You also want to know in addition to writing our own songs
we also do our own choreography.

GirlI can't stop thinking of you girl
Y-O-Uspells girl.
Woke up this morningput on my own clothes
cause the ladys' not hereto help us no more.
Went down to the storeI got myself some juice
its tasted good and fresh and I love you.

Girlyou are wicked awesome.

I buttoned up my own shirtwhew!

Becauseyou girl...

Whenever I make my own plane reservations...

I think of you girlcause girl you are wicked awesome!

My name is Donnyand I'm here to say
They call me Donnycause that's my name.
Banana's are good in every way
An apple a daykeeps the doctor away
Purina Cat Chow -


If my friends could only see me now
I'm walkingI'm talkingMcCauly Caukin
Roger Clemmons was called for walking.

dowdosey dow.

You are... wicked awesome!



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