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Artist :After 7
Album :After 7
Title :

Don?t Cha? Think

Iím having funbut all that Iíve done
It hasnít always been right
They say I misusethat I break the rules
But that wonít get me uptight
Now theyíre telling mewhat I could
Never be
Always tryiní to bring me down
But Iím so strongIíll prove them wrong
No matter what they sayIím telling you
Right now

Donít you think it bothers me **
If you think It bothers me
It will never bother me. Oh No!

Oh...oh...oh repeat 3x


Iíve been around. Been up and down
This roller coaster of life
Now people see what all I achieve
But there are some who still try
To criticizeI donít know why
But I think that itís jealousy
But I was strong and proved them wrong
Cause nothing in the world will ever
Bother me!

repeat chorus 4x**

Times are hard but Iíve got to make it
Tried to bring me down but I had to take it
The road is rough and Iím here to tell ya
Iíve had enoughnot givin up
I never believe the things they say about me
Nothing in life is ever going to stop me
Jealousyenvydonít want to make an enemy
Keep onkeepin on to the top

No...No...No...No Repeat 4X

Repeat Chorus**


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