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Artist :After 7
Album :After 7
Title :


All was right
We were one
You were my everything
So in love
Now Iíve learned
That You werenít there
How could I be so blind for you

Well I seen it in your face
That you were on a date
Girl I shouldíve knownyou started comin in so late
Someone else had said
That I had been misled
Till the day our kid found you in someone elseís bed


I wonít be bothered
And I never want to see yo face no more
I wonít be bothered
And I never want to see yo face no more

All I know
Is you were wrong
But still I could forgive
I stayed strong
Till one day
He came by
And said our family
Was all a lie

Well I couldnít believe my ears
What he was tellin me
So I went to call the doctors Cause I just had to see
Well He really rocked my world You know good and well he did
Cause you knew all the time
That you had someoneís kid

Repeat chorus **4x

Oh !Oh! Oh !Girl

Girl Iíve had it

You could have had the decency

To tell the child if not just me

Oh! Oh! Oh! Girl
Girl Forget it
Girl Iím walking out that door
You canít come this way no more


Repeat chorus *


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