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Artist :After 7
Album :Takin My Time
Title :


I wanna lay with you girl and feel your body over me give me a piece of your time and I know that I値l convince you to be mine

I知 gonna love yalove ya so sweet there is never a time you wont be sexually pleased know how to work it give what you need even though I know you致 got insecurities

Girl if I give you good sex tonight wont you staystay with me another night and if I give you good sex tonightcan we make make good love forever for all time (hook)

So baby lets get it on undress that body come close to me now baby
See how much and how longI can groove you darlin keep you warm

I see a lonely tear in your eye and I know you not too sure about spendin the night
Wont let you leave me I値l make it right
Cause I know just how to do ya and I値l change your mind

Repeat Hook

Tonight your my baby we池e gonna make sweet love on and on I値l be lovin you crazy we池e gonna sex it up tonight share good love so right and start all over again

Repeat Hook 2X


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