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Artist :After 7
Album :Takin My Time
Title :


time and time againI tell you there痴 no better lovethan I give you. No matter where you goor who you loveyou値l never find a love like mine

Lately I致e been soInto you I cant begin to let you know
Sweet heartI want to show you that I can be more than you致e ever had before
Make you my everythingand you値l have one h3ll of a man
I値l prove to you that I am down with you girl
Put diamonds rings on your hands
Just let me know where we stand and I値l be there to care girl I promise baby

There is just no better love
You値l never find a lovewho値l give you all the joy and all the things I do.
There is just no better loveyou can not get enough of my lovin kissin and

huggin (hook)

Girl you know I can not live without you for a day in my life noI want you to be my wife
Girl if we were ever apart I壇 be a lonely manwith no one else to hold on

It was deep in my heart
to tell you the real if you would only feel what I知 feelin baby
just bear with me nowI知 here for your love and I値l be there to care girl
I promise baby

Repeat Hook

There is no love no love babybetter than my lovin sugar right on time when you need it blow your mind little sweetie no love baby no love

Repeat hook 2X


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