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Artist :Bad Religion
Title :


now here i go
hope i don't break down
i won't take anythingi don't need anything
don't want to existi can't persist
please stop before i do it again
just talk about nothinglet's talk about nothing
let's talk about no oneplease talk about no onesomeoneanyone
you and me have a disease
you affect meyou infect me
i'm afflictedyou're addicted
you and meyou and me
i'm on the edge
get against the wall
i'm so distracted
i love to strike you
here's my confession
you learned your lesson
stop me before i do it again
you're clear - as a heavy lead curtain want to drill you - like an ocean
we can work it outi've been running outnow i'm running out
don't be mad about it baby
you and meyou and me
i want to tie youcrucify you
kneel before yourevile your body
you and mewe're made in heaven
i want to take youi want to break you
supplicate youare incurable
i want to bathe you in holy water i want to kill you
upon the alteryou and meyou and me.


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