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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :It"s a Big Daddy Thing
Title :

YoungGifted and Black

[Minister Farrakhan]
So out of the MERCY of Allah
and the LAWwritten in our nature
We call an INDIVIDUALinto existence
And when that individualI makeNO apologies
for what I'm about to say

[Big Daddy Kane]
Roughrugged and realyou're on standstill
to obey okay so let the man build
words of rapture that you have to capture
And I just slapped ya
with the hand full of literature
that's dope def fresh hype choice smooth and raw
Rappers I replacerub outand erase
Competition you must be on freebase
Smokin or chokinbound to be broken
Manget your damn hands off the mic that I'm chokin!
Cause I got a strangehold
You're still cold off the road for the role you stole
Rhymes that you yell outbut you did sell out
Crossed-overlost over herenow get the hell out
I'm not a pop starrock'n'roller
I'm a rebelBLESSEDable to hold a
mic like a hammerand drop grammar
Treat a rapper like a wrestlerand body slam him
Those who dispute get treated just like a prostitute
They get the boot and played like a flute
so just PLAY mutedon't even whisper
Open your mouth to speak and I'm diss ya
Ragtag and dogput you in the morgue
Because you're petty confetti and not ready to rock steady
In other wordsyou're half-steppin'
Tiptoeinget goinbecause my weapon
is not a ninean uzi or a shotgun
But when it come to hype rhymes I got one
Just like the album is still the same
_Long Live the Kane_ ain't a damn thing changed
I still get ill and kill at will and build the skill
to fill your grill so don't tell me you're real
We sample beatsyou sue and try to fight us
*tchk* Maaaanyou still be home with arthritis!
If we didn't revive embring back alive
old beats that we appreciatedyou wouldn't survive
You'd be another memory to us
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
So understandthe way that I live
that's positive - and the message I got to give
It's a benefit for you and me
I'm talkin bout P.E.A.C.E.
The chosen one that has turned a new leaf
I got gold teethand they don't chew beef
No pork on my forkstrictly fish on my dish
The Kane fallin victim? *tchk* Suckeryou wish
I flow like waterslaughter
Put you out of order.. floored ya!
Rappers are raggin and taggin and snaggin and braggin
to be on the bandwagonbut I'm the Last Dragon
With the knack to attract the pack
so just GET BACKI'm younggifted and black

And just go with the flow you know
In the place to be with my man Marley Marl
Sendin this out to Divine Force
Can't forget my main man Heavy D
And to my good brothers EPMD
And to my man Ice-T over on the West Coast
Can't forget Kool Moe DeeBusy BeeMC Lytethe Audio Two
I saypeace!


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