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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Long Live the Kane
Title :

The Day You're Mine

Talk about ever meeting Ms. Right
But one thing I know is this girl is hype
Not a crab I see but such a lovely female
And if looks could killshe would be in jail
For raving all over with exotic beauty
And to captivate her love is my only duty
There's not a single feature that this girl lacks
Sweetheartyou're my aphrodisiac

<Straight R&B Chorus>
You've got me waiting for you day by day
Fantasies of you has got me drifting away
And I knowa love like yours would be so hard to find
So I'll just keep on waiting for the day you're mine

Now I've talked to young girls and sophisticated ladies
But I swear my dearnone appear on your level baby
Maybeit's just me imagining
Then againI probably just haven't been
With the right female and in detail
I'll probably never will begirl if we fail
Cause every time I appear to be pleased
You know what happens?
I just get skeezed

<Straight R&B Chorus>

The girl that I admireone that I desire
And no one can stop the feelings that you inspire
The way that you leave me in this obsession
With the chambers of my heart in your possession
We were meant to be togetheralways and forever
For that engagementI shall endeavor
Pray for the day that we combine
And I can say for sure that you're truly mine
In benevolence and reverence
As soon as our relationship commence
But for nowI wait impatiently
For the day that you can give your all to me
<You've got me waiting for you day by day>
The moment of truth is what I really should call it
I worked so hard for it so please don't spoil it
Yeah it's a lot that I'm asking you to give me
That's only because I need you with me
Side by sidehand in hand
You as my girl and Kane as your man
Bust itever since the first time that I seen her
I wanted her to step inside my arena
I'd be the champion of lovewear the golden glove
And show you what a real man is made of
My feelings I'm sharing because I'm caring
My heart'll tell you why I am so endearing
For a chance at romance I would love to enhance
I would be your man under any circumstance
Just as long as I can say that you're my own
Your feelings for me and mine alone
We can cherish every moment of the time we spent
Try to take our love to the full extent
The point that I'm trying so hard to get through
Is girlI'm in love with you

<Straight R&B Chorus>

A dramatic fanatic for our relation
Cupid has me stupid with infatuation
And a fashion of passion so tenderly
With vibes I can't describe you send to me
This personal attachment in which I feel
To you my dearI will try to reveal
All over and overI'll try and try
Because to see you with the next man makes me cry
I feel that I should be the only man to side you
Cause no one can love you the way that I do
No one deserve the love you can give
So allow me to show you how I'm out to live
With something very specialpalliative and pure
And anything that you wantI can give you more
I'll be calm and gentleloving and sentimental
Oh so much emotionI'm talking devotion
Cause when I get involvedI get involved so deep
That you would know that my love is something special to keep
But for nowI guess I'll be fine
And keep waiting for the day that you'll be mine


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