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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Looks Like a Job For...
Title :

Here Comes KaneScoob and Scrap

[Scrap Lover]
SURPRISE! Guess who's on the rise?
And competitionI'm takinand breakin em down to size
I operate around the clock like city bus
Never take fivecause yo when you restyou rust
Be advisedthat I pack heat for beef
I'm knockin brothers out the boxand knockin out teeth
Twenty-one years young and I got the knack
(You got it!) to attack and scoop girls like a set of jacks
Ruff rhymes that rag any rap herb
Built by the best to bust swerves like a sharp curve
Fifty percent on waxno matter of fact
every nine out of ten rap acts produce a wack track
Twice as nicebut smooth as silk
Somebody writin for Scrapis like givin a cow milk
I releaseto make it hard for the fellas to cease
cause I'm the type to make noiseI don't make peace
Here's a new jackready to SWING
And bring the hype type of freestyle rhyme for the crowd to sing
Some say there's a partybut it looks like a job to Scrap
I catch bodies with a nickel-plated rough rap
Me and ?Slap?we run together through the city
The nitty grittyalways together like titties
By any chance that I do get burnt
You better believe that I'm comin backjust like a tax return

"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
Here we go y'all! (6X)
"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
Here we go!!

[Scoob Lover]
Move over to the sidelet a slim brother wreck it
It's that Scoob Lover kidso pull up a chair and CHECK IT
When I get wild like Heathcliffor Dennis the Menace
It's like food to a fat manfinished
I bust your head like a apple (A APPLE)
And pour the blood in a jartell your moms that it's Snapple
And wait around my way for your crewwho's next
Cause I be lookin out my window with a nine like Malcolm X
There's no compthey all got stomped so
Dream on.... dream away.... WELL OKAY!
And play like Shanteand _Have a Nice Day_
I drop rhymes that go boom (BOOM!)
And I can get funky like a high school locker room
Don't even think that I'm country country bamma
Scoob is hittin harder than a heavy heavy sledgehammer
I rock songs to make your grandmother dance
My rhymes are more together than a girl in biker pants
I'm never backed upI never once had a fronter
Boy I get more beeps than a roadrunner *beep-beep*
I never sweat the girls when it comes to a phone call
I got things sewn up tighter than a football
So skip to my loo or get stomped by my crew
Brooklyn's in the house and ain't a damn thing new

"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
Here we go y'all! (6X)
"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
Here we go!!

[Big Daddy Kane]
Here comes the Prince of Darkness ready to spark this
and show the people just who is the hardest
Ruff and ruggedkind of similar to a nugget
But yet and stillI manage to keep the groovesmoove
Rebel for wreck them rappers I dissect them
Cause anything I say on the mic will affect them (HOW?)
So badthey gotta run for shelter
So rappers take flight like they work for Delta
They know I ain't havin itstyles with no crab in it
Fakin and flakin it childyou're sadly mistakin
Cause who's a rapper here that Kane rip on the mic
and start flowin *ZOOM* Yo yo yowhere you goin?
That's how they flee from methe Bthe I-G
Damn manyou know my pedigreehuh
The gangstamurderakilla to ya
for sure endure to injure him or her
The breaker the taker money-maker never a faker
My lyrics are built like Schwarzaneggar
So all my competition gets destroyed
You need to put your weak rhymes on steroid
For you to ever to press up on the mightiest man
to rip a show and flowprovin that competition CAN'T GO
Because I do allit's easy for you to fall
I move all rappers like my name was U-Haul

"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
Here we go y'all! (6X)
"Here comes KaneScoobScrap"
"and Mister Cee"

"Well it's the Kane"
"bring me onand ah"
"Scoob Lover"
"bring me onand ah"
"Scrap Lover"
"bring me onand ah"
"Here comes KaneScoobScrap Scrap Scrap"

"Well it's the Kane"
"bring me onand ah"
"Scoob Lover"
"bring me onand ah"
"Scrap Lover"
"bring me onand ah"
"Here comes KaneScoobScrap and Mister Cee"


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