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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Looks Like a Job For...
Title :

How U Get a Record Deal?

On the Black Ceasar tipmy dialogue is just like
a frank inside of a supermarketraw dog
I'm the untouchablenever to be took out
A Sexy Mother.. ooh childPrince look out!
I'm keepin girls of all shades on my trail
From a Sister Act down to a Single White Female
Cause when I hit the skins they all say"Damn Kane -
you knock out the Bush like a presidential campaign"
But if you think that lickin toes makes me weak
you better treat me like Freddy Krueger: don't sleep
I write rapsready to rip and rock real rough rhymes
Run in rugged and rawrapidly ruinin roaches
Point blank - I spell murder to a bum
All you backwards rappers - REDRUMREDRUM!
Cause I do em somethin awfulbreak em down to a morsel
Makin sure that you're no longer adorable
Rappers get so quiet when I'm cominthat if they
shitted a dictionaryyou couldn't get a word from em
It's sort of a tradition in Bed-Stuy to do or die
So steppin to me is suicide
I couldn't think of a rapper takin mines
I feel like Ali"I'm the greatest of all times"
Floatin like a butterflystingin like a bee
Yeah I know this ain't boxin but that's still my pedigree
But as for youyou have no appeal
How you get a record deal?

Like shell-toe Adidasain't a damn thing changed
the way I shoot off lyrics like a firin range
Breakin out in a cold sweat - the death threat
Gettin more props than a movie set
The smooth microphone assassinrhymes keep blastin
UhhI keep the body count massive
But if you say you increased the Bodycount troop
You must admit that you joined Ice-T's group
Cause you ain't hurtin niggedy nuthinso why you bluffin?
Tryin to be the new Big Daddy SOMETHIN
But there's onlybefore meno one is ?huh
You couldn't come Pryor if your name was Richard
Cause I'm the Alpha and Omega
Arm-Leg-uh-Leg-uh-Arm-Headstayin raw til I'm dead
And to battle me you shouldn't even try
Cause with wings on your tongueyou still couldn't say nothin fly
And I don't care if you bring a crew
And I don't even care if someone else writes for you
Man you could even be someone the crowd may just like but shoot
you couldn't see me with a bifocal mic
Check my resumeRap Mastersword up
Yo! MTVBETThe Box and all that good stuff
And Billboard for my five year duration
And see that I got more spots than a dalmation
Let's get down to finish this large
You could bring on your whole squadnone of you chumps are hard
All that garbage you mumble ain't real and seriouslyseriously
How you get a record deal?

A lot of rappers todaywonder
should I ask Kane to write rhymes for me to say?
Well you're god damn right you should
Cause my rhymes are like spandexthey make any ass seem good
So act like you know Baby Pop
when I riggedy rock the higgedy hip-hop non stopas I
freak the funk and flip the flavor to flow with the flyest
A fury full force in the flames of the firenow
may these MC's rest in peace
Because when I come to townthe population decrease
I leave em finisheddead and that's thathuh
Not even Pet Semetary could bring em back
I slay my prayA to KI tell em like Jennifer Holiday
No no no no no noooooooooooo way!
That you could ever touch thisno you know how I feel?
I think you bought your record deal..


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