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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Prince of Darkness
Title :

Get Down

It ain't hard to tell
The flow of the Kane is movin em real well
I build and excel and plus I rap like hell
Lyrics generatebreak through and penetrate
Connect like an interstatenow let me demonstrate
I grab the microphone and put the dap in quick
You start to tappin and snappin and clappin
then rappin'll happen
And then I displaypoetrythe right way
and rock the Gladys Knight to the next Morris Day
I get sexy like Marvin Gaye
and other timesI might wanna hit em hard and say
somethin exquisite and clever like a wizard
Hit em like a blizzard if you missed it
turn to your friend and say"What is it?"
or what was itbecause itwas too fast for you to bust it
So pay attention to how the Smooth Operator does it
Just acknowledge the sound
Get on the good foot.. UHHand get down

The thought of competitionI don't have the faintest
Cause if I'm correctI kicked them all in the anus
So I don't care if you step to me in three flocks
The men that's all pumped up like Reeboks
Cause I bring down the swellingjust like alcohol
Makin em all fall like the Berlin Wall
Then I apply pain just like a migraine
Psssshmandon't even try Kane
A lyrical catastrophea disaster see
Nobody gets on after me
Crushin MC's is how I get my joy
So when one tries to battle I'm likehoo boy
Class in session as I give the lesson
to prove to another rapper that I rule in his profession
And it's nothin newthat the Kane is your ruler
Cause back in the days I used to call you Sundullah
Now it's a new time periodrappers are still fearin it
and the crowd is still cheerin
with the new Black Ceaser that came to town
with one purpose - to make you get down

I start to flowslowand then ohh no
I gotta pick up the pace and go
Go relatin and statin what I'm creatin to straighten MC's
that I'm debatin terminatin as the Kane keeps them evadin
So step overcause ain't no leftover
remains from the Kane I drained the last brain
Speak like Oprahattack like a cobra
Turn your whole year into a _Red October_
Lyrics are sweet like struddelat the same time brutal
Your rhymes remind me of the noodle in umm
CHOP SUEYsoft and chewy
My rhymes are kickin like Bruceyou're just Hong Kong Fooey
So +Enter the Dragon+ as I start to raggin
all the competition that's on the bandwagon
I take the groove around around around around around
aroundso get down

Yoget out your seat and jump to this
Throw your hands in the air and pump your fists
The name of the jam is get down so let me see you do it
And show some unity in music
We gotta show our young ones the right way
to avoid crucial poison and the price they might pay
So I keep on teachin the children to follow the
Power EqualityAllah C EqualityPEACE


Mister Ceeyou gotta get down and uh
Scoob Loveryou gotta get down and uh
Scrap Loveryou gotta get down and uh
Big Fahlyou gotta get down and my man
Jay-Zyou gotta get down and
Positive Kyou gotta get down and
to my man Music Mikeyou gotta get down
And to my man Larryyou gotta get down
and to my man Ant Liveyou gotta get down
and to my man Big Chuckyou gotta get down
And I can't forget Rogyou gotta get down
And to my man Dannyyou gotta get down
And to my main man Sauceyou gotta get down
and to my man Bobby Vyou gotta get down
and to my cousin '95you gotta get down
To my brother the Lil' Daddyyou gotta get down
And to my man Tyroneyou gotta get down
And if I didn't say your name you can STILL get down


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