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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Taste of Chocolate
Title :

Down the Line

Attention to the whole crew
Scoob LoverScrap LoverI don't need your dancin
Mister Cee I don't need you on the turntables
Ant Live I don't need you collectin the dough
And Little Daddy since you my brother
get yo' ass on in here
Cause we gettin ready to take things down the line
Here we go one time

Prepare yourself for MC terror
And don't make the error of tryin to come near a
rapper so smooth and swift with the gift of gab
to grab the miccause I'm sorta like
Vincent Pricebut you never been so nice
So back up off meI'm seperatin men from mice
Kickin ass in every committeecity to city
Until both shoes are city
The regulator innovator dominator creator of data
Plus an imitator assassinator
Lyrics don't display a too don sweet
Hard as concreteand always on beat
Steppin to thisyou're not allowed
You keep frontin on the stage like you're rockin the crowd
Snatchin the microphone real proud
But your rhymes are so booty you should write em on White Cloud
So next up down the lineScrap Lover

[Scrap Lover]
Aiy-aiy-yothe microphone's mine
But I prefer peaceso the road'll get rough when
a toy MCgets the heart to pull a bluff and
there's no laughtercause the one that I'm after
is smashedfor that reason you have to
make sure each and every lyric is harmless
Cause if notyou won't be able to calm this
Brother from Brooklynmade to fit a groove
And prepared for the unexpectedto make a move
So put up your girland let's see who's in trouble troop
And if you got a sisterthen make it a double scoop
The capital S the Cthe R-A-P
stands for mecause I'm the
only MC with an original rap style
You disagreeyou get put on the Scrap pile
So stay off the setwith George and Jet-son
You never seen a dancer who rapped well you met one
Now spin the Wheel of Fortunes or be wise and stay back
Co-host my showlike Pat and don't Sa-jak shit
or get ate like oats and barley
Save your Sweat for Keithand the Beef for Charlie
So next upgoin down the lineScoob Lover

[Scoob Lover]
Yothe microphone's mine
It's the S y'allto the C y'alldouble-O B y'all
Well god damn it's me y'all
Jump backkiss myselfI'm so fly
Sip a brew or twocause yoI don't get high
I might wave hi..
.. at a pretty young girl that walk by
But yoyou all thatyou can't stop?
A-with the weave in your head like a mop?
You must know karatecause your face look chopped
Now back to the subject of the matter
I eat a lot of foodbut I won't get fatter
Let me see I'm slimmy hair is well trimmed
And when I'm low-key I throw on a brim
But I'm not conceitedwhen hangin out I need it
For when trouble comes then I never have to meet it
I'm intellectually spokenI'm not jokin
What are yousmokin?
You be hopin wishin and prayin
to be like Scoob but what are you sayin?
Well it takes stylecharismaclass
Fuck up on the Loverand I bust your ass
So next upmovin down the line
Mister Cee

[Mister Cee]
Yothe microphone's mine
Missionto make DJ's feel the wrath
So here's a paragraphwritten on behalf
of the rulerdictatorDJ ambassador
Makin a massacreyou couldn't last through a
round of combatwhere my left arm's at
My mouth with the mic in my handwhen I attack
I shake and bake or fake a snake
Take em and make em ache and flakeI break like an earthquake
When I eruptMC's I corruptto be blunt
I'ma tear shit up
So next up goin down the line
The Little Daddy Shane

[Little Daddy Shane]
The mic is all mine
MC's crawl by when they see this tall guy
Six foot three huhnobody's small fry
The Little D-A double-D Y
The S-H-A-N-Eyes it's me
You better believe there's no comp and I'm certain
So if you try to battle methen it's cur-tains
I'm no jokethe wrong one to provoke
One false move and KERRRRRR-ROAK!
So take it easy and slide on greasy
Cause I'm more rougher than hair when it's peasy
I'm more rougher than steak when it's raw
So keep that in mindmon cherie amore
Cause I'm a lover you find quite young
And Brooklyn New Yorkis where I'm from
So keep it on and you don't quit
That supercalafragilisticexpalidopeshit
So next up down the lineAnt Live

[Ant Live]
Yothe microphone's mine
Yeah I took itI ain't gonna give it back
And it's a fact that I can swingI'm not a new jack
Got the mic in a chokeholdyou won't hear a peep
Then I put it to sleep
I see a lot of brothers got raisins in the place
Not Al PacinoI don't need a Scarface
But I knowif some shit goes down
I'll turn the whole New York into Bucktown
A 'Face ain't real Scar'redcause I real hard
And I ain't no bullshit bodyguard
Walk the streets to New York and stay alive
All I need is my loaded four-five
And sweet and deadly like a killer beehive
And I can stalk in Fort Greene park and survive..
And my name is Ant Live

[Big Daddy Kane]
Now that's what I'm talkin bout
That's EXACTLY what I'm talkin bout
Put your weight on it fellas
Anyway you can get back to work now
Get back to your god damn jobs
And we outta herelove peace and hairgrease


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