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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Taste of Chocolate
Title :

Mr. Pitiful

[Big Daddy Kane]
Mmm.. mmmyeah
Oh I like this
I wanna tell this story
A little story about umm..
.. a brother who you would think has everything goin for himself
But apparently for some reason he just ain't happenin
I call this brother Mr. Pitiful
I wanna tell you somethin about himcheck it out

The story begins in 1984
when I met the BizMarkie out in front of the store
He used to tell me all the time"Yo your lyrics is hype
We got to get together and make a record of some type"
I said"Manthe hype behind Run-D.M.C. and Cool J
What the fuck makes you think they're gonna give us a play?"
We did a few shows togetherfreestylin on stage
Manhattan and Long Islandfor Mike and Dave
After thatI was convinced we can do it
until my man Biz jetted and came out with "Make the Music.."
From right thereI said"Manthis shit is real
Look at Biz in the new leather and a pair of spot bills"
I got to give it to you DukesI was wrong
Well you out there nowso put my black ass on
and sure enoughhuhin about a year's time
I was R-A-Wgoin for mine
Droppin jams that slammed on every radio program
And bamGOD DAMNlook where I am
The first album_Long Live the Kane_it sold
about umm.. AWW FUKKIT it went gold
The money was comin inyes I had done em in
It wasn't quite hard for me to find a woman then
Cause I was in demand for lots of fans
A sexy chocolate guy in the public eye
I bought myself a condo out in Queens
A plush white Volvo and drove off the scene
But I remained the same since I moved out
for instance - drinkin Olde E and Guinness Stout
And alsohangin out with the troops
Most of alltakin care of Ma Dukes
Then all of a sudden things started to change
And many old friends started actin strange
Behind my backsayin I'm soft and a sucker
Some even said"Yo let's rob the motherfucker"
And family members askin for my papers
But Biz set them straightby makin "The Vapors"
Girls cryin pregnantto get some of my green
I'm like"What the fuck is this? Billie Jean?"
People harassin mesteadily askin me
dis or datsome even had the audacity
to say that I only liked light-skinned women
Tchkhuhare you kiddin?
Cause I love everyone
and I never act prejudiced to none
But for some reason people make my lifestyle so critical
That's why they call me Mr. Pitiful

A few people know what I'm sayin
Hmmto the Little Daddy Shaneyou know what I mean
and to my man Cool Vyou know what I mean
To T.J. Swanyou know what I mean
and to Scoob and Scrapyou know what I mean
To Rob Base and E.Z. Rockyou know what I mean
The Magnum Forceyou know what I mean
And to the playboysyou know what I mean
To Shemp Shawnyou know what I mean
and the F.M.C.you know what I mean
Can't forget Mivyou know what I mean
Godfather Dyou know what I mean
My man Doug E. Freshyou know what I mean
and the fifty dollar crew from Canada know what I mean
But most of all I can't forget my man Biz-Mar-KIE
And may I send this to A.J. QuestRest In Peace ??


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