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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Veteranz Day
Title :

Do U Really Know?

[Kane talking]
Here's a little food for thought
as I tell itcause if it happened to this cat
then it can happen to you
do the knowledge

[song starts]
I was sittin' outside double parked after dark
I think it was the corner of Nostrand and St. Mark
That's when this stray cat walked up to me
Now I was sure he would be
but you woulda thought he'd know me
tellin' his life story to me
he said 'Yo Kane'since way back in his life
days of Rappers Delightyo he was after the hype
he rocked the KangolsAdidas when Run and them had that spot
when I came outhe had a flat-top
and when Naughty came outa couple years ago
he even tried the braids up in his hairbut they ain't hear him tho
vexed and downyou know next he found
Heavy D was blowing upso then he tried to gain extra pounds
no thanks to thatthey ranked him wack
only thing that's left to dowas to go gangsta rap
so now he rhyme about the keys being sold
the G's being foldthe trees being rolled
now sure he shouldhe started acting like he from the hood
talking thug game and had his record sales doing good
and so nowyou on the road to riches
referring to the womankind as hoes and bitches
yeahyou the man now because you rap is for ?????
but you got your 7 year old daughter listenin'
the twist begin
when that the image you projecting
it starts to reflecting on your shorty cause she checking

[Chorus X2]
Do you really know
what's the path that you really need to go
and what example you really need to show
the good rep or the hood rep
while she's walking in her father's footsteps

It be that excess dramawonder rhymer
that could make one rapperconvert togun clapper
that acting buckwildboy you know that ain't your style
plus your thug profile is now reflecting on your child
you thinking that it couldn't happen
but then it happen
and now you're rappincame back to haunt you
because you want to
be in her face puffin' li with your crew
you even let her take a sip or two upon your brew
instead of tryin to shed lightto keep her head right
so that she wouldn't do the things that the next kid might
oh now you never did consider tho
your kid could go
trying to do the things she saw you do up in your video
you went upstairs thinking that she wasn't able
slippingleft your glock sittin' pon the coffee table
so as you hangwith your gangdoin your thang
BLOWE! unexpectedly to your ears the shot rang
came downnever thinking that you'd see what you saw
right therelayin in blood across your livin room floor
so nowas you sit in grieftotal disbelief
cause everything that ever mattered
to you is all shattered
instead of concentratin' heavily on what your rep be
you should have been thankful for your child like Cheryl Pepsi
cause if you would have stayed aware
to whose in your care
she wouldn't be no casualty to your career"

[Chorus X2]

Where did they find you?
you came into this game and let this new trend blind ya
A&R's was wrong to sign ya
you gotta be true to this game to stay in the art
but guys like you get bent apart
because you ain't got it in the heart
representing who? you better not be getting new
how you gonna be guerilla when you never been up in the zoo
your whole persona's theatrical
ain't nothing bout you natural
hereshow me nowhow many gats you pull
cause when you talk that talk
you gotta walk that walk
or leave it up to the real OG's up North
cause those who dramatizerealizeand be advised
you couldn't handle 3 to 5
cause many seeking fortune and fame
got caught in the game
thinking the thug status was supporting the claim
all you gangsta acts y'all be guerillas on tracks
but relaxcause this is just wax
tell em again
you gangsta acts be guerillas on tracks
but relaxcause this is just wax
one more time
y'all gangsta acts y'all be guerillas on tracks
but relaxthis just waxniggadamn

[Chorus X2]


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