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Artist :Big Daddy Kane
Album :Veteranz Day
Title :


Don't you know it ain't what you got y'all it's how you use it
Any way you choose itbabyyes I doos it
Laying it out with swift vocabulary
I hope you hear mehere comes the Brooklyn theory
At your servicegot you shook and nervous
Nowwhat you gonna do when Black Caesar comes to surface
My purpose is making sure you bless me right
So I can climb aboard that money train with Wesley Snipes
Daddy love how I get down ain't no secret
And every nightmy backyard is just like the freaknik
What you mean from hot sexy mamas to cool prima donna's
Easy pickings on the chickens got them up in the camp
It's that old trampthe one who keep your pum pum's damp
I see the honeys in the frontier looking for what you want dear
Yesthere's a lot of game run here.

All the playas in the game
Another year
And ain't a damn thing changed
We get together and we do our thing

Verse 2
On stage at arenas or a show in the park
I shine so bright my black ass glow in the dark
If you're ready or notif you're petty or hot
Here comes the reign of Kane about to get in your spot
Your tough talk's monotonousbeware as I be droppin' this
Lyrical apocalypse all through your metropolis
Sexual Chocolate the velvet smooth voice
That be the people's choice and get the girls moist
No time for timid fearcause there ain't no limits here
Got the world in my hands you ain't even found the hemisphere
It's real scary how rap skills vary bringin' dollar bills near me
Making dough rise like Pillsbury
Now get this it's time we start stepping to our business
I come as living proof so bear witness
Not to contradict myself but see really
I'm untouchable but making sure you people feel me


Verse 3
I talk that talk from the gutter my game don't stutter
I can tell you why white milk be making yellow butter
Some catsthey be shiftysome cats they be iffy
So I move swiftlyplay the field like Ken Griffey
BecauseI be the all mightyrelax like Tai Chi
Making it irie
I flow over tracks when the beats are mean
Girls I go downtown when the streets are clean
Make it happen all my peoples
More chips than Doritos I know we all trying to see those
So I return to give you more again
Because my name dates back until the game's origin
See what the fact isis you need practice
With girls I just mack thisstick em in just like cactus
Watch me nowbaby it's all right
I got bunions on my game from it being too tight



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