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Artist :Big L
Album :The Big Picture
Title :

Casualties of a Dice Game

[Big L]
It's Flamboyant y'all
Yeahyeah yeahCorleone y'all

Me and my man was cruisin through the streets and everything was flowin nice
The corner's crowdedniggaz must be rollin dice
I parked the ride so my nigga Iroc can crash the lye spot
and I'ma gamble until he come back - why not?
Click-clackcock the gat backgotta be strapped
The game was mad packedmad cats pockets was fat
They playin cee-lomy dick get hard when I see dough
I bets nothin less than a G yoyou know my steelo
First I was losin then I started throwin headcrack
after headcrackgot my bread backjumped in my red Ac'
I'm waitin for my nigga to come out of the spot
I see niggaz startin to plotand I'm far from my block
Finally he walked outtold him"Hop the fuck in"
On my face he saw the grin and said"How much did you win?"
I estimated about45 maybe 50 G's
My man was hungry so I dropped him off at Mickey D's
Now I'm aloneheadin home to rest my dome
Spotted some niggaz trailin so I picked up the phone
Called BonesI said"Yo sonI'm on the run
Need your help before I get done
Meet me downstairsbring your big gun"
I don't believe thisthis nigga said he can't make it
cause some bitch is in his house butt-naked
and then he hung up
And this supposed to be my man and he don't give a fuck
That duck sold me out just to get a nutwhat?
I'm cruisin fast and they still behind me
The same nigga who I won the money fromand his grimy crimey
It's about to getreal hasty
Grabbed the steeltook it off safety
cause I refuse to let these niggaz waste me
I started to cruise fastthen stopped short and made 'em crash
And now them fags is all bloody from the shattered glass
And one of them had passedwhen his face smashed the dash
I was injured tooleakin with a deep gash
I ain't panickedI was quite calm
Couldn't use the right armso I grabbed the gat with the left
Walked up to the car the creep was stuck in the seat
Looked at himshook my head then started buckin my heat
It's over nowcause both of these motherfuckers asleep
I think I'm dyinI'm feelin weak out on my feet
but before I got some medical helpI had to catch a cab first
to one-forty-first and Bradhurst
That's where Bones livewalked in the buildinstaggerin
Lookin tore downshot his door down and beat his whore down
From the look in my eyehe knew he would die
Started to crystuck the gat to his head and said"Why?"
Then he offered meall of his cheese
then dropped to his knees and begged me please not to squeeze
Then his brains got blast outhe's ass-outthen I dashed out
into the streets covered with bloodabout to pass out
The hospital's upa couple of blocksI'm on my way but
damnhere comes a couple of cops; I pulled out
and started blowin they started blowin back I'm goin all out
I ain't holdin backI been to jail once and I ain't goin back
I kept shootinone shot caught a cop dead in his top
The other pig ducked behind a big truck
I was bleedin real badand couldn't stop it
but still had the fifty thou' profit in my pockets
The coast was clearso I jetted to a park that was near
Seen kids playin everywhere then threw the cash in the air
I watched all of themrun for they share
and all I can do was stare
I got weak and fell on my rear
Now I can hear the sirensthat means here comes the Jakes
but it's too lateI'm knockin on the pearly gates

Yeahcasualties of a dice game
Never gamble with snakes
Let that be a lesson to ya
Yeahit's Corleone y'all
Yeahit's Flamboyant y'all
Big L y'allFlamboyant babyyeah
Big L.. uhh
Big L.. yeahit's Flamboyant y'allyeah


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