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Artist :Big L
Album :The Big Picture
Title :


Yopay attention
And listen real closely how I break this slang shit down

Check itmy weed smoke is my lye
A ki of coke is a pie
When I'm liftedI'm high
With new clothes onI'm fly
Cars is whips and sneakers is kicks
Money is chipsmovies is flicks
Alsocribs is homesjacks is pay phones
Cocaine is nose candycigarettes is bones
A radio is a boxa razor blade is a ox
Fat diamonds is rocks and jakes is cop
And if you got rubbedyou got stuck
You got shotyou got bucked
And if you got double-crossedyou got fucked
Your bankroll is your pokea choke hold is a yoke
A kite is a notea con is a okey doke
And if you got punched that mean you got snuffed
To clean is to buffa bull scare is a strong bluff
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it

Chorus: repeat (2X)

"Speak with criminal slang" -Nas
That's just the way that I talkyo
"Vocabulary spillsI'm ill" -Nas

A burglary is a jooka woof's a crook
Mobb Deep already explained the meanin' of shook
If you caught a felonyyou caught a F
If you got killedyou got left
If you got the dragonyou got bad breath
If you 730that mean you crazy
Hit me on the hip means page me
Angel dust is shermif you got AIDSyou got the germ
If a chick gave you a diseasethen you got burned
Max mean to relaxguns and pistols is gats
Condoms is hatscritters is cracks
The food you eat is your grub
A victim's a mark
A sweat box is a small clubyour tick is your heart
Your apartment is your pad
Your old man is your dad
The studio is the lab and heated is mad
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it

Chorus (2X)

The iron horse is the train and champaign is bubbly
A deuce is a honey that's ugly
If your girl is fineshe's a dime
A suit is a finejewelry is shine
If you in lovethat mean you blind
Genuine is reala face card is a hundred dollar bill
A very hardlong stare is a grill
If you sneakin' to go see a girlthat mean you creepin'
Smilin' is cheesin'bleedin' is leakin'
Beggin is bumminif you nuttin you comin
Takin' orders is sunnin'an ounce of coke is a onion
A hotel's a tellya cell phone's a celly
Jealous is jellyyour food box is your belly
To guerrilla mean to use physical force
You took a Lyou took a loss
To show off mean flossuh
I know you like the way I'm freakin' it
I talk with slang and I'ma never stop speakin' it

Chorus (2X)

One love to my big brotherBig Lee
Holdin' it down
YeahFlamboyant for life
Yeah yeahFlamboyant for life


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