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Artist :Big L
Album :The Big Picture
Title :

The Big Picture (Intro)

One-twoy'all knowy'all know
[Foxxx] Alrightwe gon' keep it movin
[Primo] Check this out though!
[Foxxx] We gon' keep it movinwe gon' keep it movin
Get 'em upy'all know what time it isget 'em up
[Primo] Right you are
[Foxxx] You a true underground head
you know what this mean right here baby
This ain't motherfuckin LL Cool J.. get it up!
You know what this mean?
It don't mean lazy motherfucker eitherGET IT UP! AIGHT?!
[Guru] You ready Prim'?
[Foxxx] It don't mean..
[Guru] Everybody keep your L up like that
[Foxxx] It don't mean nothingbut one thing

Big L! "Big L" Big L! "Big L"
Big L! "Big Lrest in peace"
{*GangStarr's "Full Clip" live performance starts*}

[scratches by DJ Premier]
"Big L.."

[Lord Finesse]
Throw that L up in the air! We gon' have you do this shit
all motherfuckin night so get used to it. Get used to it
This is for my man Big Lword 'em up

"Put ya L's up!" (4x)
"Big L.."
"My-my-my niggamy-my-my-my-nigga C-Town"
"My big brother Big Leeholdin it down"
"Flam-flamflam-flam-flamboyant baby.."
"For life!"
"Big L.."
"For my man Big L" .. "BIG L!!"

[Big L]
Yo; you know the game plan
C-Townthat's my main man
We never bring luggagewe go shoppin when the plane lands
Still run with the same clanused to be a Kane fan
("Mmmmmmmm..") Everything I rock is name brand
L'll make ya dame swallow
Your ice don't shine and your chain hollow
While you front in clubs for hours with the same bottle
Takin midget sipsI run with the richest clicks
Tap the thickest chicksplus drop the slickest hits
You know nuttin about Lso don't doubt L
What's this motherfuckin rap game without L?
Yothat's like jewels without ice
That's like china without rice
or the Holy Bible without Christ
or the Bulls without Mike
or crackheads without pipes
The Village without dykes
or hockey games without fights
Don't touch the mic if you unable to spit
Flamboyant is the label I'm withmotherfucker

[scratches by DJ Premier]
"Big L.."
"My-my-my niggamy-my-nigga C-Town"
"My big brother Big Leeholdin it down"
"Flam-flamflam-flam-flamboyant baby.."
"For life!"


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