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Artist :Big L
Album :The Big Picture
Title :

The Triboro

[O.C.] Phenomenon O.C.
[Big L] Big Lone-three-nine baby
[O.C.] Diggin' In The Crates
[Joe] Yeah yeahthis is Joe the GodTerror Squad reppin

[ad libbed "uh" and "yeah" for 20 seconds]

I'm from a place where them niggaz don'ttalk no shit
where them wigs get splitwhere the guns forever click
where the track stars come to warm up for a race
Blue and whites ride by and niggaz yell"Fuck them Jakes!"
So much respectI can lay dough on the floor
walk away and come back without cats runnin off
I'm a model hoe's wet dreamin her sleep
Performin X-rated fuck scenesme goin deep
O.C. the Starchildlet your cameras record
I'm like a man bein honored at the Grammy awards
I pitch lines like fastballs
Mush-outrap my ass off
Knuckle gaze crumblin your glass jaw
Supreme figuredrink liquorwhat team thicker?
"The Big Picture" be the motherfuckin theme nigga
Flamboyant foreverthis is how it goes
Pray we don't clap your way when the gats explode

Chorus: Remi Martin and O.C. (repeat 2X)

[Remi] Where Brooklyn at?
[O.C.] Yo B-K don't play
[Remi] Harlem World
[O.C.] Where niggaz get the money all day
[Remi] Boogie Down Bronxspecialize in gunplay
[both] Triboroso thoroughalways

[Big L]
Where I'm fromdudes get slicedcause crews is trife
And you might lose your life for your jewels and ice
I'ma slide to the telly and abuse your wife
If I got one rubberI'ma use it twice
I give young fools advice about the rules of heist
When I rock 'gatorshoes be like"Them shoes is nice"
Dimes I'm willin to hitI stay drillin a chick
They all know I ain't shitbut they still on my dick
And I never walk the streets without the vest and the chrome
cause all my jewels be Rocky like Sylvester Stallone
I blast the tech at your dome to leave you restin alone
Go home and puff a fat bag of sess 'til I'm gone
You got this nigga frontin like he themain event
when his album ain't even last longit came and went
I'm like Gotti to himI throw the shotty to him
Niggaz don't want it with Lthey like"Anybody but him!"


[Fat Joe]
Hoodied down with the mac - Boogie Down where it's at
Fuck around hear the sound of the gats
Wanna clown we react.. fuck that
Do you know what you do when you fool with Joey Crack?
I'm - coke on the streetsI'm - open for beef
I'm - hopin you reach so we can go with the heat
I'm - like a nigga that you just can't kill
Niggaz spittin that hot shitbut just ain't real
Uhh - it's like you muh'fuckers frontin for me
Nuttin to seewhen I'm the one you wantin to be
Lovin the stee'come through plush in the V
Got niggaz mad cause they pain while we fuckin for free
Make Trizz a householdlive what I told
I only speak that true shit that I know (yeah yeah)
Besides y'all don't want it with us
A hundred or pluskillers that be livin to bust
What the fuck?


[Remi Martin]
Yo Remi so crazyrhymes be blazin
Styles just switch like hips on gay men
Trips to the Caymanrich and famous
Rhymes so hot my spit be flamin
Benz be rimmed updoo be pinned up
Bitch talk slick whole crew get hemmed up
My shit drasticall type of tactics
Rip shit flip shit spit shit backwards
Screw youdon't let the pretty face fool you
I kick shit like kung-fu and Ijam like guns do
You got one? I want two like waterI run through
Pyscho - make you wanna change your whole mic flow
Floss itgivin bitches lyrical abortions
Stay cautioned - my first shit was just a lil portion
I come back with more shitplayback some raw shit
You can't rockso I'ma take your spot make you forfeit



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