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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Capital Punishment
Title :

Parental Discretion

[Big Punisher]
Aiyyo I'm hard to talk toif you live I probably thought you stalked you
where you walked to at nightcaught you then tried to extort you
New York niggaz is trigger happygot Pataki scared
This town ain't big enough for both of us AND I AIN'T GOIN NOWHERE
There it isplain and simple like Jigga my game is mental
While slow niggaz better know I blow their brains out they temples
I'm into black magical torture romantic dramatical author
Compatible with the average New Yorker
A fast talkerlike Tony when gas whores I'm the masked enforcer
out for the cash and the cho-cha
Smash the cocabottle it up watch the fiends gobble it up
If I roll upyou do what? Swallow the stuff
I don't give a fuck anymoreI'm only twenty-four years old
and I've already broken every law
I'm horrorcorethis is for the heads
Runnin up in your cribknot if you still hot in under the bed

Chorus: Busta Rhymes

Yoparental discretion advisedplease cover your eyes
Little kids -- GET OUT OF HERE!!! This shits is homicide!
Drugs and moneythis ain't no Bugs Bunny!
Little girls too; this ain't for you it's for the thugs honey!

[Big Punisher]
Hey yo my shit's the truth150 proof no question
Parental discretion advisedkeep out the eyes of the youth
It's too explicitbullshit! I challenge the statistics
Violence existed before our music was even suggested
Arrested on sightit's like there's no rights
That's why I rhyme so aggressive and bring every message to life
I fight the powerspite the power the 90 percent
Keep 10 and feed Twin half for personal reasons
The seasons change.. things re-arrangebut I stay the same
Play the gamefor the wealthuntil I've made myself a name
So blame it all on the gangster rapperthanks to Joey Crack
for the chance to do it my way like Frank Sinatra
I ain't a actor so it's all factsstrictly raw rap
Totally intended for yours dressed in all black
with the ski maskor the pantyhose makin cameos
in liquor store cameras with the twin Calico's

Chorus 2X

[Big Punisher]
So forget the boomone lookyou shook -- you know I'm stickin you
Liftin you off the groundlook down -- that's where I'm puttin you
Look in my eyes and remember mehow does it feel mentally
havin the enemy be the last thing you ever see?
The recipe is death and I'm the cheffricaseein your flesh
Be my guestbut I ain't cleanin the mess
Me and TS we testin niggaz faithjust to see they face
expression when destined to statesthat death be in the case
I'm in the state of gracein the hated raceby the pagan face
Couldn't fight usmade a virusgave us AIDS
I paint the wake cause they ain't get me yetwet me
or reflect me yetI know they comin they just tryin to let me sweat
I wreck it like when I was just a boyeatin Chips Ahoy!
Wasn't allowed to raise my voicenow I'm makin noise
No more toysstrictly Mac's and missilesshorties with forties
packin pistols catchin bodies make sure we'll get you
So they sayI pray there's a better way
My kids don't do as I dothey do as I saycause daddy don't play

Chorus 2X

[Busta Rhymes]
Word is bond
One thing about MC's is that we don't conceal the truth
We present real pictures about the positive and the negative
So don't blame the hip-hop when your seed is learnin the real life from us
Do your duty at home and raise your child in the house
You don't do your job we gonna put your children to bed at nine o'clock
Past your bedtime
You get your ass in bed you ain't 'posed to be hearin this shit
Word up
Punishment motherfuckers!
By the Punisherand Busta Rhymeshah
Terror Squad! Flipmode Squad niggaz!


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