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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Capital Punishment
Title :

You Came Up

[Noreaga] Yo what the deal baby
I see ya aight

[Big Pun] Still not a playa but you still a hata
HaPun here where my horns at
Where my horns?
(Horns sounding)

Intro/Bridge: Big Punisher and Noreaga

Fa ye da da ya da da da da
Fa ye da da ya da da da

Chorus: Big Punisher and Noreaga

[Noreaga] Pun you came up
What whatmakin it happen
From rappin on the corner of blocks we going platinum
But when we rollare you still ready to ride
[Big Punisher] Yo I be ready to ride and I be ready to die

[Big Punisher]
Ay yo my word is born long as I'm alive I'ma put it on
Could'a gone to gee shitthug nigga till I'm gone
Where to Bronx I'm flippinfive boroughs thoroughly reppin'
Lets unite the city and step to the world as a weapon
Cuz everybody's checkin for Pun second to none
Cuz Latins going platinum was destine to come
The inevitableheavenly better than whatever you do
We eligibleGS's incredibly credible
For the revenue we gettin you open with lyrical dope
And these breaths that are potent is like an injectional dose
[Big Pun and Noreaga] And it never quits
Take it from TS's top terrorist
Rapper slash hijacker bombin' tracks ever since
I was youngI wasn't always Big Pun
It wasn't always this funay yo I rose from the slums
I had to pay my duelay a few
But I ain't sayin whostayin' true to da game
No namesplayin' it cool just me and da crew
Holdin' it down long as we round
We gonna keep sockin' it to you like Homey the Clown
Going down like Pac ready to ride or die nigga
La da le la la la la la

Chorus (2x)

[Big Punisher]
Ay yo aint nothin' changed I'm still the same
The way you remembered me since the centipede
Harderbig blacker back in the seventies
Try to remember me from my aggressive will
The way I kept it real is more important than any record deal
I used to chill on da block with Cuban and Seis
I'm still do but now it's in the blue convertible eight...fifty
My true niggaz will always be wit me
The shifty kiss metell me they miss methen try to dis me
Cuz I'm rispy crispy for life sixties the price
Another fifty for the Cuban twisted in ice
Niggaz is shiest but I sike em out
Though they like to doubt I make them all believers once I let the Tyson out
Cuz I can vouch for only a few only the crew
From the old school I consider loyally true
I'm morally rude from a fool to a scholar
Follow the rules on how to spot a plotta that's cool for a dolla
I wanna holla at my peeps that reppin' the streets
Wrestlin the beast of chest restin' in peace
Blessin' my seeds and watchin' over us
Til I die them souls of mine I'll align the souls of mine
And shine for all of us


Bridge [Big Punisher and Noreaga


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