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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Endangered Species
Title :

John Blaze

Verse One: Nas

My stripes show like regimentsmilitary intelligence
Murder gameI leave no evidence -- credentials
Go ask my pre-schooleven talk to my old principal
He'd tell you how you I used to pack a No. 2 pencil
Stabbin studentsgrabbin teachersCatholicspreachers
In the school staircasecuttin classpassin my reefer
In my own classoperation returnthey tried to say
I was incompetentnot able to learn
The table turned nowgot my own label to earn
Like that nigga said in _Dead Presidents_money to burn
Queensbridgepay homagerespect Nas is the vet
Acknowledge the reppolish baguettesniggaz is dissin that
I'm just the bestputtin all violence to rest
between Latin Kings the blood _los sangres_blood in Spanish
So many thugs vanishunite the system
to fight with inner street wisdomto help teach a prison

Verse Two: Big Punisher

My crew puff lyeanyone test the Pun must die
Just give me one try -- 'Now you know you done fucked up right?'
Hahyou ain't got no wins in my casa
Que te pasayou ain't even in my clasa
I hate a actor that plays a rapper
I'm Terror Squad beta kappa everybody's favorite rapper
Grand imperial college material insane criminal
The same nigga who known to blow out your brain mineral
I reign subliminal inside your visual
Try to supply your physical with my spiritual side of this lyrical
I'll appear in your dreamslike Freddie dono kidding you
Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you
Soon as I chitter chatter you shitter shatterI'm the kid
out of Bronxthat'll stomp you to death like it didn't matter
I'm even better than beforeiller metaphors
Killers bet it all on Puncause one versedead em all

Chorus: scratches by DJ Spinbad

J-J-J-John Blaze
Ja-Ja-ah-John Bla-Blaze
J-Ja-J-JaJohn Blaze
"Johnny Blaze ain't a damn thing changed!" --> Method Man

Verse Three: Jadakiss

Aiyyo my attitude is subject to changeI mess around
and spit twelve at the driver's side door of your Range
Six hit youthe other sixup in your dame
Mafia styleleave you with your watch and your chains
Take heed thatnot only can I flow I can aim
cause y'all misdemeanor niggaz can't stand the reign
Better believe thatwhenever I see y'all I'ma test ya
Only cause I know that faggots respect pressure
Hardcorelike shit you getkicked out the yard for
'Kiss ain't the copsbut I lock niggaz up
You could meet me in my cell I soak and sock niggaz up
Far as the flow goyou could let your dough show
Put your money on the tablewe could battle on cable
Y'all hot dog niggaz get nathans
Fuck around with Jasonthat shorty from The LoxJohn Blazin

Verse Four: Raekwon

My son cool out (what) don't beef yothrow the tool out
Let's run these niggazkidnap they workmake em move out
Crushed hashhands is like glasskeep the heat
in the dashdid some dirt for some workcaught a gash
The flicker blockerwicked sneaker rocker footwear
Strike me out Godstackin up jointsrack em like Footlocker
This is rawraw like fuck kidrepresent
Here to Crenshawhold my words stronger than a Benz stall
Relentlessthe anthology consolidated
with the quicknessdress up in the wig and blousekiller sickness
Leximagination largegold cards
Beat the bogus squad brains that connect put on the Older God
SpecialisticiclistWoolridge collar
Feelin the richwork for every dollar don't snitchthat's why
broke niggaz who got heart Godsign em up
Start the wind upwe John BlazinDon up in the line up


Verse Five: Fat Joe

It's simple mathematicsyou gotta love us
Cause Joey Crack plus gat equals a lotta dead motherfuckers
Just when you thought I was doneI recruited Pun
Terror Squad Enterpriseundisputed Dunn
I'm from the slums where it's worsebust with guns til it hurts
for fuckin with my funds on the first
And go to church like a mobster
Discuss your death over shrimp and lobsterwith my Cuban partners
Lucas with the cartridgetwenty shot
Run up on any blockdisrespect any cop
Used to run many spotsnow I own shops
Gortex with the lotfive sixty-four bills a pop
I'm hotwho wanna get burned?
I fire one in your knot and watch your whole fuckin head turn
You best learn to parlayI've had a hard day
Fuck around with the Don and get John Blazed

Chorus 2X


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