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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Endangered Species
Title :

My World

Uhh.. yes y'all baby
Yeahyeahwork it out
Work it out dawgwork it out now
Uhh.. y'all motherfuckersbig dawgs in the house what?
Terror Squad what? Terror Squad what?
I ain't a rapper.. I just bust a lotoff the top

[Big Pun]
The penalty is deathespecially when I'm mentally stressed
My enemies hang with me 'til I eventually flip
I never reject an offer to battle
Slap a coffin on the saddle
and rattle like a wooden horse to el barrio
Niggaz talk but they babble cause they ain't sayin nuttin
If ain't blazin somethin with the mac I'm in the shack bakin muffins
Fake the funk and get your rump roast
One dose of the toast'll make you jump if you come close
Pun spokeain't no more debatin; my Squad been waitin
for the perfect time to give you what you all been waitin
An orgi-nation of veterans built
with genuine skills to pay the heatgasand the rest of the bills
Invest in the realdon't get left in the hills
My tech and my steel turn your whole crew into vega-ta-bills
We blessed with the will to never surrender
cause my every agenda's in and outunseen like I entered the ninja

It's my world girleither love it or leave
If you was my girlyou'd be thuggin the weave
Suckin the blow popwith a ring in your tongue
Baby don't stopthat's how you bring it to Pun
If this is my worldI'd be Tony the man
Call me The Godfathercontrollin the fam'
Runnin the whole coastI'd be a mafia king
Nothin but the finest diamonds in my watch and my rings

[Big Pun]
Stupid.. gimme yours
You be lookin bunny rabbit
Give your pants bunny rabbitswhat you know about that?
I ain't about to pop you stupid

Fuck the small talkniggaz know Pun keep the fo' cocked
Don't walk too fastmight pass through the wrong block
Don't stopkeep it movinthe streets'll ruin
the average manfaster thanthe motherfuckin teamsters union
We doin dirt cause we gottafive dolla a hour
Three kids and my motherfuckin big mamma
My sig sauer got different plans God knows I'm just a man
So hide your wrist if it's glistenin
Listen manwe just niggaz tryin to work it out
Listen friendstrictly biz it's nothin perso-nal
We thirsty now and I ain't drinkin out of plastic cups
Platinum plus (thorough) crystal glasses with the fancy cuts
Fancy uslivin life lavish
Drippin ice cabbagelivin in the sixwith some white bad bitch
Tight package I gotta pass
I'm from the ghetto niggaI like a lot of ass


[Big Pun]
Word life T. Squad holdin it downy'knahmean?
Gettin this money.. by any means baby
Let me get the fuck up outta here'fore I break somethin


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