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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Endangered Species
Title :

Whatcha Gon' Do?

[Big Punisher]
It's hard to explain how my squad can harbor the strain
Of being the largest name in rapsince the almighty Kane
Acknowledge the famemy call was to reign the streets from Harlem to
Back to the Bronx who fathered the dream
Started this thing called rapwhere I reign suprememy team
Regardless of thatI've seen things as far as the crack
that'll make the hardest largest artist heart just collapse
I'm part of all that that's why it's so hard to go back
and start from scratch
I'm locked and I'm trapped in a giant cage
Tryin to savior these few dyin days
I have leftto the form of flesh..
Should I lie in my grave?
I'm tryin to persuademy matto is try to be brave
And not give death the satisfaction of seein me dyin afraid
That why I rise from the grave singing church songs like
I was Je-sus Christ ba-rum-pum-pum-pum

[Big Punisher] (Chorus)
Whatcha gon' do when Pun comes?
Knockin' at ya front door
And he wants waaaaaaaaaaar..yeah
He ain't a rapper he'll kill you


[Big Punisher]
Till my last breath I'll have death before dishonor
(come on) and welcome drama(yeah)
Wit open arms and a code of honor
My hole persona equals that of gods
Definin' matters hard all before you even had a job
I'll stab and rob if I have to
Fuck it i'll blast youtell the devil it wuz Pun if he ask you
And let him know how we be deadin' um'
Show 'em my emblemthe tombstonethe throneevery millennium
a child is born that can preform at a level beyond the
expected 4 minute 30 second song
We reign suprememy team be all up in ya dream
wit the "kill anything" grillchillin' beside the guilotine
Executioner styleblack suit and a smile
who's next to get their neck hacked loose in the crowdmove from the aisle
Don't make me have to prove that I'm wild
Word to Cubanmy crew killersy'all niggaz shoot in the clouds
(Who's in the house)
Punisher straight from hell. Who's in the house
(Terror Squad motherfucker we the real)
What the dealnow you know that's how we roll
Hard core like BO bring in the corns baby bow

(Chorus 2x's)


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