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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Yeeeah Baby
Title :


[Tony Sunshine]
Ooooooooooohhhhh.. Puerto Rico

[Big Punisher]

Chorus: Tony Sunshine

Pronto llegara
el dia de mi suerte
te lo juro por mi gente
te juro que un dia llegara
And we won't stop
We always knew we'd make it
Even though you player hated
we still made it to the top

[Big Punisher]
Puerto Rock Puronot Menudo no I'm not the one
I'm studyin Judoyou don't know if I got a gun
It's Punfrom the X side of thingsbaguette inside my rings
Everything I want I getsbada-BING
It's mine I Shyne like money that sound like Biggie
Fuck around my townBoogie Down my city
Come around get poundto the ground no pity
Watch the soundfo'-pound twenty round milli'
Get smacked sillyfor coming out your mug
I'm known for bouncin thugs from the Tunnel to the Salsa clubs
Don't matterput the chrome to your bladder
Splatter your abshave you pissin in a plastic bag
That's a drag now you abnormal
Don't make me go out to rumble
and put some motherfuckin stabs on you
The night is young and I'm already fightin hidin my gun
Promoter buggin screamin"Who the fuck invited Pun?"


[Big Punisher]
From San Juan to BayamonI'm the Don Juan beside the Don
Live longget your party on
Don't let the liquor fool youcause I'll stick it to you
Somethin sharp to the heartor somethin big to move you
The Desert or the shottiewhateva you the body
that chose to be the dumb nigga at the party
Too much Bacardi started speakin dumb
Then you tried to snuff Joe - must have been Puerto Rican rum
That's the hardcoretwo years a sophomore
Takes years to earn a pair of Terror Squad balls
So get lost or take onebones I break them
Pigs are baconso get fried if they come
You see that? I'm like G. Rap'PacMaster P
all balled up with a twist of Marc Anthony
Recognize me I'm the one that's cockin the auto
Tony Sunshine please canten el coro


[Tony] It ain't over
[Pun] I thought you ain't like the beat
[Tony] Te digo que no se ha acabao

[Tony Sunshine]
La tierra del Borinquen donde nacido yo
aha aha aha aha..
Es un jardin florido de magico primor
aha aha aha aha aha aha aha...
Un cielo siempre nitidoque sirve de dosel
y dan arrullos placidoslas olas a sus pies


[Frankie Cutlass sample]
A Puerto Rico..
A Puerto Rico..
A Puerto Rico..
A Puerto Rico..
A Puerto Rico..


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