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Artist :Big Punisher
Album :Yeeeah Baby
Title :

Leather Face

[Big Punisher]
What I gotta do let y'all niggaz know?
I am +THE NICEST+.. +EVER+.. heh..
Hardcore? Commercial?
Whatchu wanna doyou wanna wile upyou wanna dance?
Don't matter to meI got it all locked down baby

It's not a game it's warplain and raw
Blood stain the wallwhen I bring the chain with the saw
Bring the pain to your door like death was knockin
Unless you got my endsI'ma make you twins with the Headless Horseman
Hell extortionsell your soullive your dreams
Don't pay the cost then {*bam bam*} say hello to the guillotine
A killer fiends for bloodscreams of thugs like
fiends for drugsI don't need no love
Give me your fearmurderrespectbeerhonies and sex want here
I'll bend them checks for yearshungry and stressed
You fuckin with Chris - fuck Pun - dead the wrath for later
Get your calculatorgo 'head Decapitator's back forever
Can't count how many heads I had to sever
Half the niggaz I keepI put em back together
That's the terrorcut open your girl
and make a truss out her fleshlike Buffalo Bill
You fuckin with reel to reelrap axe maniac
Sound bwoy killerhack hack chain-react
Two for one - double the deathsame price
What would Big say? "Huhyou know that ain't right"

Chorus: {with samples from "Scarface"} repeat 2X

It's not a game pah.. {sample}
We're gettin paid hah.. {sample}
It's still T. Squad.. {sample}
"What you came for? Surgerywith the chainsaw!"

[Big Punisher]
Word to 'Pac and Bigmy glock so big it can rock a bridge
Drop the midsection like the top of your wig
Ain't no bullshittingettin the full treatment
Special two heated misslestil your crew's leavin witchu
I rip you in half - blast that ass through a glass window
Laugh a littleand dash in the S-Class limo
That's how we do it in the South Boogie
Where tough rough rookies get snuffed outfor talkin loud to me
Why should I even consider your crew? Shit on your crew
Get rid of your crewwhat I'm fittin to do
I split you in twoleave you ?? when I blast the shotty
Grip you like dope and leave you there with half your body
We Rowdy like Roddyprobably robbin your stash
Catch a body like Charlie up Northstashin knives up my ass
Survivin the taskwe the last ones left
Blast them tecs with clipsfast as fast'll spit
Add some tips for anybastard bitchpappin shit
Watch me rep til the death from the bassonetbeotch!


Watch what happens to your friend
You don't want this to happen to you
you give me the moneyokay?


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