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Artist :Bizzy Bone
Album :The Gift
Title :


We all so scared cause itsits war everywhereyou know
War everywhere

How many friends will we see die? (Why we so scared cause it's war everywhere)
How many friends will we see cry? (It's war everywhere)
How many friends will we see try? (Why we so scared cause it's war everywhere)
How many friends will we see die? (It's war everywhere)

All we need is a little loveand someone standing for the little cubs
And I see brutality all over niggas killin' niggas
The ghetto got them being born to be killas
Flooded with drugs and tryin to get usso get up
But don't give upya'll gotta sit up
If you last before they kill us
And the guerillastry come kill us
Pillage the village and we'll be winna
I love it when niggas the way we took it to another level
So many rebels doing the best shit forever remembered
And in the killing fieldseverybody's locked up
And good niggas getting shot up da dadan dada
Mind if I say something for mine
Cause it's about timeto get serious
A mysterious timeblind melons
It ain't no tellingif the willing
Will stop chillin'then help the children
Turning them outthen burning them out
Like morphinewaters getting shallow
It's over and over the gallow
A president in the dropit's on now though
The end of lifefor now so
I think it's the ozonebad to the bone bone
Mother Nature be long gone
And don't nobody wanna do nothing but speculate
And all they worried about their own
Wrote a song for the future
MilleniumI'm inI'm hopeing it don't last untill we all past
Living in the starslooking through grass
Aboard the enterpriserecognize thisin the course of a da-da-da-da-da-da-day
And thats the way we singthats the way we play
that's the way they . . now and

[Chorus 2X]

Still got bombs from the cold warradioactive
And the criticsthey wont take action
They want us to repo this to your satisfaction

But while they build morecomputers keep crashing
What about fellingpestilence dammit
How do we manage to keep standing
Living in a legacy of bitterness
With the epitimy of vigorous trips on the ships we were crammed inslammedin
Other man and themwhy don't we demanding our damn money
If we can't get forty acres and a mulelet a nigga get a range rover
Shit you got time youI'm still waiting on a canoebut it will never come
I don't even know where I come from or where I'm gonna go to
I'm headed to the mother landbut will I be accepted by the brotha man?
Awww me so confusedwith nothing to gain and everything to losechoose
The righteous and the highlook in the eyes and realize the lies
Family tiesbut not even for the have-nots
Who the enemy? It ain't me. It ain't even the police
Unless they trippin'and use that authority and start flippin'flippin'
Leaving dead bodiesand with them bitchin' hotties
That poppin' the collarmy god I'm hornyride shotty
And tellin' the kids that ain't the way to live properly
Get yo monopoly and get your own property
And that's the way we singand that's the way we play
and that's the way they . . . now and

[Chorus 2X]

Ooooh and the daddies and momma forgivin' so we can live with us
And all the runaways get off the bus
Kidsput the guns downcome down
If the rest build a bridge with usit gotta get better than this
It's head of the riskshoulda been poorand I been rich
Lost so many friends to the war shitcaution
When I get to walkin'and it's mobbin'nigga in a crypt
Life is a fight to the street lifetonight
I might go meet the reaperand I will give him a hug
And tell him "Thug luv won and I'm so glad to meet ya"
And that's the way we singand that's the way we play
and that's the way they . . . now and

[Chorus to fade]


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