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Artist :Bizzy Bone
Album :The Gift
Title :

Still Thuggish Ruggish

(Verse 1)
Niggas stay hashed outhashed out
Mash on these niggas til we passed outpassed out
Laugh at these niggas cause we assed outlets bow
These niggas smacked me in the fast lane
last thangs I need is enemiesis that fame?
Well that shit is lame oh no
Original bang bang gotta maintain the main thang baby
Lately always runnin from ladies
cause no one's thinkin bout my babies
Just maybe I'll be lonely leftcause y'all gone crazy
Got everybody out here wonderin if I'm brokeI don't play that
And we prayand we pray
let everybody say thatand you can do what the fuck you wanna do
Not like way backhey
Got mail from the paybackit's evil all around
Nowhere we arepraise Goddon't hold us down
Praise Goddon't hold us down
Praise Goddon't hold us down
If you got to get your clown on wit'cha
top down when ya hear the cop sound
I gotta go punch emcalm down
And when you're in the club drunk and you think you see a punk
he just might have a pump in the trunkand ready to fuck you up(up)
You niggas can't get near me by not carryin the load(load)
as soon as you get babiesshe can't wait to sayhello
These niggas think they Pantherskeep movingo get some Pampers
any questions get on your knees and get the answer
Evidently everyday

Who the only nigga you know?
Who the only nigga you knowthat's thuggish ruggish?
Ooh ain't shit changed

Who the only nigga you know?
Who the only nigga you knowthat's thuggish ruggish?
Ooh ain't shit changed

Who the only nigga you know?
Who the only nigga you knowthat's thuggish ruggish?
I still do the ditches with my song still fuckin with the lights on

Sit up and real enough to look at the kids
and tell em momma ain't with usususus ...

(Verse 2)
It won't be easy believe this
We were birth inside the fetus
ghetto mamas still caught up in ghetto drama think of Columbine
pop popwhat if it happened to mine?
Will I get paid and keep quietor sayfuck that and start a riot?
Niggas lyin to me demons keep flyin to me
chuckin many in the street pimpin me fakin lets make history
My people keep the flame in me help me make this money on my family
I can feel it even if I died burn me
They can't kill it if they wanted to my spirits keep on hauntin you
Can't wait cause I'm the realest
I come with the wickedness and pillage the village
Stick with runaways
Fuck these house niggas and grab your crotch nigga
You slouch rat mouseniggas bounceniggas bounceniggas bounce


(Verse 3)
And my daddydaddydaddy's on the chain gang
tell em bout the gunline boss the same thing
And I hope they took a good picture somebody's out to get ya
Lay me down shit's gonna happen right up wit cha
I've seen murder on the news burnin smellin up the room
And the bang won't let me sleep
I put in me latchlatched with a broom
Strategize likeahhand it will materialize
Fantisize likeahhand never materialize
What am I the dead weight? It'll be okay
I’m hopin that choo choo ride out the real chancereal here
So all my people with AIDS we can sit down and play some spades
I ain't afraid to to die smoked with Eazy everyday

(Chorus till fade)


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