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Artist :Blondie
Album :Autoamerican
Title :

Live It Up

Your old lover's lying in the gutter
He used to be such an all night strutter
"Ohmy heart" I heard him mutter
"Ohmy dearit seems to flutter"
It's so hard to say "No"
When the deck is stacked to only go slow
It's easy sweet to live it up
An easy street when you've had enough

Darkened nightsplashing light
Soft and white and so polite
Let him inbeneath the rim
Beneath the skinyour next of kin
Cleansing firefuneral pyre
Broken wire grown inside her
Secret hushswollen rush
It's soft and plushit's so plush

You know it's so passe
To sleep without you every day
So easy to do your stuff
So easy to live it up


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