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Artist :Blondie
Album :Hunter
Title :


Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of Earth and all native intelligences
Of the forty planetssatellitesmoonsstarsand any other inhabited orbs
With contestants entered in the annual Grande Trex
the only inter-galactic race.
This year's event promises excitement to surpass all previous races.
As many of you fans already know the route or track of the orbitsglidesetc.
Has been increased by 5000 million kilometers thus enabling Grande Trex to include the B'Arc System
in our present event and for all succeeding GT races.
Strike and fight

Laser light shot tonight
Target nullified
Gyro subdivide

Latitude longitude
Solid substitute

What's a drag race? Can't you see those dragons
Speeding up the street
But I learned they weren't real
Figments of the ancient fear

Rapid scan radians
For the chance
To win the Grande

Maneuvers preprogramme
Won't operate

Negative bearing swell

Dragons fly they symbolize in myth and saga breathing fire
Look up there's one flying higher
Faster than the SCC
Is science hiding witchery?

Grande Trex fans throughout the universe are well informed on the risks pilots take in entering this racei.e.
Re-entry into some of the alien atmospheres is tricky business
Which can cause a craft to implodeexplodemelt
lose automatic structureetc.while en route.
The craft are scheduled to surface launch 0700.5100
Greenwich time and are assembled on one of our very own stars
Neutron Einstar EV 9.
The excitement is at a fevered pitch as the countdown approaches zero.
These hypersonic inertial transition ships
can calculate the negligible quantity of spherical differential for tight orbit
are sonar-radar balanced and translate windage occurrenceoffset verniersretrieveexecute preparedelay code and report astrogational error in a micro-second.
Naturally these specialized craft are equipped with apparatus capable of highly sensitive maneuverability.
They can divesweeprun random parallel pathsalternate axescircumnavigate for rapid surveyspin
count milibaricly while simultaneously displaying an accurate diagram grid for safety measuresnot to mention the quanta limitation fixtures for sea level
ground levellevel offand hover bearings.
We have retained as an added feature to stimulate more thrillsthe computer over-ride for a three and one half hours to two gens during which pilots and co-pilots manually control free-falllatitude
longitudeprotact gravityrevise dimensional equationsrun programme checkssubmerge in the wild oceans of Jonrin 22to photograph as much territory as they can in addition to the requisite three thousand automatic shots.
The postulate for mischance runs high but not as high As the tension and competitive spirit right here on Earth and all over the 4 galaxies represented in this Seventh Grande Trex.

Dragonfly rations glide
In free fall slide
System nullify

Satellite dragonfly
Surface launch
Radio silence

Hover high level off

The time space tactics saved us then
Display report presenturgent
Sequence counting surface launch
Dragonfly destroying all

Science claiming newest findings
Chanting calling flying dragons
Aboard all systems optimum
Nova scheduled war continued
Half the continental shelf burned by interval

Dragonfly Dragonfly
Beacons aim
Space game

Satellite computerized
Mighty flight
Hypersonic glide

The countdown is minus two hundred (-200)
And I am turning you over to the control room
At command central Sia Lan for the launch.
Good luck to all the racers and especially to our ship Dragonfly;
Onward to victory.
(Remember comdirect and radio silence will temporarily be in effect.)

Win the race calibrate
Re-entry place
Multi fail safe


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