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Artist :Mariah Carey
Title :


Yeah Alright let's go
Bridge 1 :
Gimme your love

Uh, uh, uh, jigga
Hey, you gotta bounce to this like this
You almost gotta watch to this

[Bridge 1]

Ooh your loves so good
I don't wanna let go
Although I should
I can't leave you alone (ha ha)
Cause you're so disarming
I'm caught up in the mist
Of you and I, can not resist, (sing the song) oh

Bridge 2 :
Boy if I do
The things you want me to
The way I used to do
Would you love me baby
Holding me, feeling me or would you go and break my heart

Chorus :
Heartbreaker you've got the best of me
But I just keep coming back obsessively
Oh why did you have to run your game on me
I should of known right from the start
You'd go and break my heart

[Bridge 1]

It's a shame to be
So euphoric and weak
When you smile at me
And you tell me the things
That you know just maybe could relinquish my love to you
But I can not resist, oh no

[Bridge 2]


Yo, she wanna shop with Jay, play box with Jay
She wanna pillow fight in the middle of the night
She wanna drive my Benz with five of her friends
She wanna creep past the block, spying again
She wanna roll with Jay, chase skeeos away
She wanna fight with lame chicks, blow my date
She wanna inspect the rest, kick me to the crib
If she find one strand of hair longer than hers
She want love in the jacuzzi, rub up in the movies
Access to the old crib, keys to the newbie
She wanna answer the phone, tattoo her arm
That's when I gotta send her back to her moms
She calls me heartbreaker when we apart it makes her
Want a piece of paper, scribble down "I Hate Ya"
But she knows she loves Jay because
Cause she loves everything Jay says, Jay does and uh


[Bridge 1]


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