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Artist :Def Leppard
Album :Pyromania
Title :

Comin' Under Fire

Your kind of woman gotta heart of stone
But watch it break when I get you alone
Take a chancecome lay down with me
OhI wanna make it

Slow and steady never lost the race
Don't stop runnin'I'm a fool for the chase
Play the gamesurrender to me
BabyI don't wanna fake it

Is it any wonderyou got me comin' under fire?
Comin' like thunderyou know you make me walk the wire

It's so easy to put on a show
Your body says yes but you won't let it go
But my passion it won't slip away

You got meI'm corneredmy back to the wall
No bed of rosesain't no bed at all
I'm walkin' the wireI stumble and fall
I got the message but I ain't gonna crawl


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