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Artist :Def Leppard
Album :Pyromania
Title :


I said Welcome to my show
It's just a-you and me baby
We got the whole damn night to go

You're holding out on mewhile I'm on fire
If you can't stand the heatthen you should try
Victim of my vicesyou know you are
You skate on ice to paradisestairway to the stars

Stagefright all nightwon't you let go
All night Stagefrighton with the show

You come on like a lady dressed to kill
Never thought you could be caughtbut you will
A Little understandinga little love
A headline act around the backis what I'm thinkin' of

Stagefright All nightWon't you let go
All night StagefrightOn with the show
Stagefright All nightYou're dream starts today
All night Stagefrightis only a heartbeat away

You're going for my headyou're going down
Gettin' good at being badyou're hangin' round
A fun inspired asylumtoys for the boys
Love on the rocksforget-me-notsyou got no change


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