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Artist :Def Leppard
Album :Retro Active
Title :

Ring Of Fire (Alternate Lyrics)

Thunderyou're tempting mea feast of spice
In the night is what I need
OoohI'm ready to roar and I'm ready for more
And I'm ready to burn like a light into the dawn

Oh I gotta see the fire in meturning into ecstasy
So stick around and settle down enjoy the mystery
A voice in the wildernessthere's something in the air
A hidden loveforbidden pleasuresuffer secret pain

(Are you readyready for burning)
Feels like fire
(Are you readyready for burning)
Ring of fire

Heartlessso indiscreetyou're stealing up
From behind a raging heat

I'm staring into the sunI'm staring into a gun
I'm stirring up a stormturn it on and let it burn

[Repeat Bridge]

[Repeat Chorus]

Thunderyou tempted meyou cut me up
Like a knife so tenderly
Oh I gotta see the fire in meburning up my ecstasy
A hidden loveforbidden pleasuresuffer secretly
Oh no

[Repeat Chorus]


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