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Artist :Earth Wind & Fire
Title :


Every man has a placein his heart there's a space
and the world can't erase his fantasies
Take a ride in the skyon our ship fantasii
all your dreams will come trueright away

And we will live togetheruntil the twelfth of never
our voices will ring foreveras one

Every thought is a dreamrushing by in a stream
bringing life to our kingdom of doing
Take a ride in the skyon our ship fantasii
all your dreams will come truemiles away

Our voices will ring together until the twelfth of never
we allwill live foreveras one

Come see victoryin the land called fantasy
loving lifea new decree
bring your mind to everlasting liberty

Our minds will explore togetherold worldswe conquerforever
we thenwill expand love togetheras one

Come to seevictory in a land called fantasy
loving lifefor you and meto beholdto your soul is ecstasy
You will findother kindthat has been in search for you
many lives has brought you to
recognize it's your lifenow in review
and as you stay for the playfantasyhas in store for you
a glowing light will see you through

It's your dayshining dayall your dreams come true
As you glidein your stride with the windas you fly away
give a smilefrom your lipsand say
I am freeyes I'm freenow I'm on my way


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