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Artist :Atomic Kitten
Title :

See Ya

Yeh yeh yeh
Oh baby
Yeh yeh yeh

I've been lookin and desertin my baby
For the one who'd be true
And I thought that I had findin my boy
But now I know its not you

Cos you can see me running
But your standing still
You don't believe that its comming
But you know that it will

So baby see ya
Oh right
I wouldn't want to be, yeh
To night
Let me make it clear, yeh
Oh right
Your not the one for me, yeh
Yeh yeh yeh

well theres plenty my way you came from
So I think I'll go fish
Cos theres a great big ocean out there, I'm going
Your not my favorite dish

Cos you can see me sinkin
Like I told you so
I need a new direction
But you won't let me go




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