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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Cracked Rear View
Title :

I'm Going Home

Mama please don't go 
Won't you stay here for one more day 
I've been your boy for so long now 
There's so much I still have to say 
Sky rips openand I hold my heart in my hand 
Like a soldier on his very last day 
Cried myself to sleep that nightand I listened 
As I heard the angels sing 
Sha la la la Sha la la laI'm going home. 
Sha la la la Sha la la laI'm going home. 
Something inside makes me scream 
How could God take you from a little boy 
He'll be alrighthe's by my side 
He's no little boyhe's my pride and joy 
Repeat chorus 
Summer on the radio and the phone rings 
And it was Jeanette 
She said boy we had to let her go 
I begged her nono not yet 
You left six of us to fend for ourselves 
I guess it's part of someone's master plan 
I see you laughingyou're my best friend 
You're the light of the lamband I cried 
as the angels sing 
Repeat chorus twice 


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