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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Cracked Rear View
Title :

Not Even The Trees

Alone as I sit and watch the trees 
Won't you tell me if I scream will they bend down and listen to me 
And it makes me wonder if I know the words will you come 
Or will you laugh at me 
Or will I run 
Little boy says to me 
Where you goin' now son 
I saidI don't know where I'm goin' boy 

I only know where I'm from 
And it makes me wonder 
If the stars shine when my eyes close 
Or does my brothers heart cry 
I don't know 
I'm a stranger in my home 
Now that everybody's gone 
Someone please talk to me 
Cause I feel you cry 
And you're sitting with him 
And I know I'll never see you again 
Lying down in Charleston under the Carolina sky 
You see I'm tired of feeling this pain 
I'm tired of living my own little lie 
And it makes me wonder 
When I see you in my dreams 
Does it mean anything 
Are you trying to talk to me 
I'm a stranger in my home 
Tell me are you feeling alone 
Someone tell me what to do 
'Cause I'm feeling strong 
And I wonder how you feel 
Do you realize my pain is for real 
I see you in my dreams 
And I wonder if you're looking down at me 
And smiling right now 
I wanna know if it's true 
When he looks at me 
Won't you tell me 
Does he realize he came down here 
And he took you too soon 
And now my days are short an my nights are long 
I lay down with memories of you keep that keep me going ongoing on 
It makes me wonder as I sit and stare 
Will I see your face again 
Tell medo you care 
I'm a stranger in my home 
Living life on my own 
Right now I just can't see 
'Cause i'm feeling weak 
And my sould begins to bleed 
And no one is listening to menot even the trees 


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