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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Cracked Rear View
Title :

Running From An Angel

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth 
Come on try and tell me what you're talkin about 
Those things you're dealing withyou're living a lie 
Every time I see you it makes me wanna cry 
Sometimes we'd laugh and talkseems like yesterday 
Then you let the white horse come and take you away 
They came to get youit was cold and black 
The wheels were in motionthere was no turning back 
Running from and angelrunnin to the devil 
I looked up to you a long time ago 
But there's something I want you to know 
Your lying and cheating really tore us apart 
Please don't come home if you're gonna break my momma's heart 
Ad lib (over solo section) 
Ad lib (over outro) 


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