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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Fairweather Johnson
Title :

Be The One

I wonder 
Why are we involved 
With the seasons 
And the living of our own 
Let me see if nothing's wrong 
I just want to be the one 

(She) wanted 
You still give her all our lives 
Let her be son 
Who is she buying 
See her crawl 
I'll just make it out 

(We don't see it bleeding) 
I want to die with you 
(Something no ones needing) 

I left the other day 
But you're never here 
You only listen to things you want to save 
But the power it's ok with you 
You knew I'd find something else to do 

Let me be the one 
(we don't see it bleeding) 
I wanna flyI wanna die with you 
Something no ones 

See it's not like they 
Are gonna take my faith away 
Let me in it's ok now 
Close the door 

Is it really needing 
When you find a place 
That's only yours 

Just go he beams 
Well I've died for good now 
Let me feel it 
Let her come---let her run---let her run 

Let me be the one 
(We don't see it bleeding) 
I can't feel itI can't see it 
(Something no ones needing) 
I feel dumb


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