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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Musical Chairs
Title :

What's Going On Here

Do you see heaven
Like I do
Or is it just me 
Wanting you 

Tonight I'm special 
Like no one else
I hope you need me
For yourself 

Does it make you happy
To be so free
The times we shared
You loving me 

And as you leave 
And walk away
Your eyes they tell me
Someday you'll stay 

What's going on here
What must we fear
To live in this fantasyland in your mind
Who'll carry the load
For dreams left untold
Can you live in this world all mine 

I would walk this journey
To say goodbye
To have you close would
Make me high 

All the good things
That made you see
It was the strong thing
Being with me 


Just look high above
And you'll see where we should be
And if tomorrow makes
If tomorrow breaks us 

Then you stand still and I'll
Show you me 

Like you never knew
Or is it just me
Wanting you
So as you leave
And walk away
I knew you'd come back
Now let's play 



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