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Artist :Hootie & the Blowfish
Album :Scattered Smothered and Covered
Title :

Before The Heartache Rolls In

There's a chill in your kissin' 
And a thrill I've been missin' too long 
This love is deceivin'babeI'm believin' 
This thing's going' wrong 
'Cause your eyes betray your heart and soul 
and your love for me is growin' old 
And I think maybe I'd better pack my bags and 

Roll like the windbetter roll 'till the highway ends 
Gonna roll on outta her 
Before the heartache rolls in 

There's a lonesome sound that keeps rollin' 
'Round inside of me 
Those wheel on the highway are whinin' on by 
Baby I gotta leave 
If I don't get out now while my minds in control 
Then I'll never be able to ever let go 
And I think maybe I better head outta here and 



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