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Artist :Lil' Bow Wow
Album :Doggy Bag
Title :

Get Up

[Lil' Bow Wow+(J.D.)]
(Let's go) Uh huhuh yeah (uh)
Uh huh uh (turn it up) yeah
Uh huhhey J man? (yeah)
This one of J.D.'s So So Def hits right here
(I know) Get upget get up (yeah)
Uh huhfo' sho'that's rightget upget get up
The game's in the twist now (is that right)
And I'm the blame

[Bow Wow]
Lil' shorty wanna rock the twists
Cornrows and rep like thishuhI'm the blame
All they do is skip skip when the beat come on
Sing the words to every song
See they know what it is and who got style
Lil Bow Wow be the golden child
And I keep ya'll suckas shook up
Ya'll shoulda never let me and J.D. hook up

That's fo' sho' cause since day one we ain't miss
Now don't ya'll wish ya'll could do it like this

[Bow Wow]
Of course they dowe keep tearin it up
So So Def playawho hotter than us
Name one person wit' a stack like this
Gotta track records like this
And ya'll know around here homie we ain't playin
We demand you respect this afro man
That's why

I got paper-rock fresh clothes
I get the girlies out on the floor
Ya'll know meS.S.D.
At the tippy top is where we'll always be
So uh

Get upget get up
That's the
Get upget get up
Affects of
Get upget get up
Bow Weezy
When I do it I do it like it's for T.V.

[Bow Wow]
Call me the big cheese of the C.O.
Known for gettin up out the store
From here to Rio
I'm so irresistibleso in demand
So not having itI hope you understand
That means don't step in my rim
I'm like Shaq young boydon't step in my gym
I got this here and that's where you standin at
So going up against me ain't a good idea
You the apartment belowI'm the pent house above
And I sparkle 'round the neck like Jackal's club
I'm hard not to love-that's what the girl's say
Hard not to wanna touch-that's what the girl's say
They run up tryna to give me a kiss
I said"You can't have meI'm too young for you miss."
They say"No you're not" then they start crying
I said "I'm fourteen" and they say "Stop lying!"

[Repeat hook]

[Repeat chorus]

[Girl's voice + (Bow Wow)]
(Skip it upskip skip it updo my dance)

[Repeat hook]

[Repeat chorus]

[Repeat hook 2x]

[Repeat chorus]


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