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Artist :Lil' Flip
Album :Undaground Legend
Title :

The Way We Ball (Remix)

ft. Lil' RonYoung Redd

HeyyyHo (This is the way we ball)
This ain't the regular version
You know what (This is the remix y'all)
Ha hathis for LafayetteArkansas
AlabamaStreetportLouie VilleBaton Rouge
AustinCorporate Christian (This is the way we ball)

[Chorus - 2x]
And we like to flossall my diamonds gloss
I represent the dirtydirtydirtydirty South
(This is the way we ball)
And we riding blazeJags and Escalades
We Third Coast born but we all sections paid
(This is the way we ball)

[Lil' Flip]
Uh I'm Lil' FlipI'm back on this trackI'm still pushing Lacs
But this time aroundH.S.E. got my back
Now we got paper stackscause we keep making tracks
My pockets like Oprahthey getting so fat (fat)
Cause I can do thatyou know we been balling
We got Playstation 3and four DVD's falling
My engine never stallingso I'm speeding like flash
I changed my name to ATMcause I've been having cash
I've been blowing hashI been driving Jags
With Burberry paintand now I make your gal faint
When she touch my carand if she
Give headshe can't puff my 'gar
But now a nigga grownso I need grown money
I don't wanna split shitcause I need my own money
Then I'ma see Johnnyand buy another chain
And since I'm in a big body nigga get out my lane

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Ron]
I like this grape noweveryday we ball out
This purple stuff all dayuntil we all out
We ride black dropssitting on twenty two's
And blow dro all nightback through the afternoon
I keep it comingcause Lil' Ron's a bread winner
Better rememberchain froze up like it's December
Get your mind rightwe playas of the decade
We ride blades on Jaguars and Escalades

[Young Redd]
Me gI'm riding blades well on gold
We repre-sent for the South where the music's slow
And this issipping purple and blowing hays
This isgrinding and getting paid
And you can keep your six hundredgive me a drop top
Plus a iced out watchthe size of a shop cart
This theboy from the block wait but that ain't all
This here is the remixand Redd and Ron gone bally'all

[Chorus - 2x]

[Lil' Flip]
I'm swingingabout to rip the kizzerpsipping on my syzzerp
And on the back of my throwback it say Larry Bizzerd
Cause all we do is shotsall we do is drink
I'm the only one who went to the prom in a mink
So how you love thator do you really hate it
Or do you love the rims on my drop top Mercedes
I pack a 3-80cause I got to watch my back
I'm still jamming ScrewI'm still jamming Pat
I represent the Southand you know we keep it crunk
We been having paperyou can ask my nigga Hump
And if you ever come to my town just holla
Cause Lil' Flip and Sucka Free all about they dollas

[Chorus - 2x]


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