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Artist :Lil' Flip
Album :Undaground Legend
Title :

U See It

ft. Chamillion

Duke E LoudLil' Flipyou see what we doing
You see what we drivingyou see how we living
You see the rims spinningyou see the platinum grill
Still man in ituh uh

[Lil' Flip]
I pulled up in the jag (you see it)
Everybody know I got Texas cash (you see it)
I'm like Juve throwing up a soldier rag (you see it)
In H-Town I throw up a Clover flag (you see it)
On T.V. I'm still leaning to the left (you see it)
Got a deal but I didn't sign with Def (you see it)
Got a deal with Sony now we richer (you see it)
Look me up I'm in The Source see my picture (you see it)
I got hoes just coming to my shows (you see it)
I got niggas just running to my do' (you see it)
You se everything we smoke is endo (you see it)
It's a truck but it's made by Benzo (you see it)
I'm Lil' Flip I'm in the Dirty Dirty South (you see it)
I got about fifty grand in my mouth (you see it)
I represent for my nigga named Screw (you see it)
Some niggas claim redsome claim blue (you see it)

Nothing less than 20 thousand on my wrist (you see it)
You got cars in your yard but none like this (you see it)
Candy frameI'ma swing on twenty inch (you see it)
I ain't got to tell these hoes that I'm a pimp (you see it)
Be banging the Jaguar behind the ten (you see it)
Hydro chronic smoking know you smell the scent (you see it)
Got my heater under my Iceberg fit (you see it)
I'm the shitI got these hatas pissed you see ityou see it

[Lil' Flip]
You got a Cardier but it's little (you see it)
Look at mine I got X's in the middle (you see it)
I go to sleep on a Iceberg bed (you see it)
I'm feeling smart cause I always get head (you see it)
I might ride candy redor black (you see it)
If it's called a Escalade it's a Lac (you see it)
If you sitting on twenties then they shine (you see it)
If it ain't endowe call it pine (you see it)
Down here everybody got gold (you see it)
Still flipping cause we all got hoes (you see it)
Still rich cause we all got shows (you see it)
Couple of friends but we all got foes (you see it)
Down here Lil' Flip run the South (you see it)
Owe me money there's a gun in your mouth (you see it)
Want a show you better send my deposit (you see it)
As far as Sucka Free camp go I got it (you see it)


Pump your breaks my rims be spinning in place (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
Don't worry we ain't got bad breaks (you see it)

This frozen water got my gums feeling numb (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
I'm like naw cause I know I got a gun (you see it)

Got a thug girla slugs hit me brain freeze (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
I'm like Alicia cause we move the same keys

Niggas know I got more dope than Homer (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
I'm getting head from your gal in the sauna (you see it)

My strap's sticking in my lap but never hit me (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
I got some millions but I'm still on a mission (you see it)

A million that dot com tatted on my arm (you see it)

[Lil' Flip]
The Screwed Up Click written in platinum on my charm (you see it)

I'm bending corners in that LacI'm gripping grain
This that Dirty Dirty what we do is swang
We gone ball and we gone never be ashamed
Platinum versusplatinum teeth and platinum chains


You see it - [4x]


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