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Artist :Lil' Kim
Album :Hardcore
Title :


[BIG] Never a flaw
[Kim] A different kind of high
[Kim] Yaknowfeel me on thishuhuhh

Ladies and gents
Your dopest host presents extravagence
in the ladies' frameleavin cum stains
Niggaz remain in awewhen I brought a Dillinger
Throw it to ya jawuhh
Never a flaw
Never beforehave you seen such magnificense
in the black princessyesss
Flow's phenomI'm the bomb-diggy
Ask Biggiekeep a dedicated squad wit me
Call us the Gabbana girls
We dangerousbitches pay a fee just to hang with us
Trustniggaz lust
Without a bank accountI doubt we could swing that route
Feel me out uhhI'm used ta
hangin wit boostersin the best name brand
with the in-sane clanman listen
My position is lieutenant
Like a block of hashgot the burners up in it
Percent itI send it back to ya greasy
Freak it arabic stylesha-muck-daha-steesy
To please me you got to be well off
Bust a shell offwit a tattoo that starts off

Chorus: Notorious B.I.G.

Damn MaI love you like the lahthe ganja
Sensimillacan I feel ya
All I wanna do is touch ya
The ultimate rushyou're drugs baby

Uhhto my niggaz that trick a little
To my bitches that suck dick a little
While they niggaz lick the middleI'm the Don y'all
High driven Jean Paul Cartier wear
Yeahenough glorifyin
Lyrically electrifyinbitches by lyin
bout the clothes they be buyin
Some stores won't even let you whores in
Til I begin to embarass that ass and get crass
Kim surpassall crews
Bitches still drinkin booze
I sip Cristal and Landcruise
Recieve all the oohhs and the ahhhsthe jewels and the cars
Slick niggaI'm stickin you Baby Pahuhh
Yes indeedflows first class and yours is coach
like the bagthe Prada mama
Jog five miles a day then I hit the sauna
My girls rock Chanel and smoke mad marijuana


Inhale thisclench your fist
Then yafeel the mist through the uterus
Can yapicture this
Life without mewake up you're having bad dreams
cause ya fiend for a toke
My crew tote Tocques and mink coats
On the cell with the boat
What you thoughtwe get caught and get bailed out
Fuck the jailhouseHennessey on the rocks
is all we got as we sail outentrepeneurs
Cristal pourersbe glad we ain't takin yours
Boring huhI'm warnin ya
Style waits for no bitcha dream bitch
when I fuck with scratch and sniff
Now I stacks the shitpractice it
So no bitch can tax the shitmiraculous
So I can relax a bitand get my toes licked
The drugs niggaa-hah hah hah!



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