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Artist :Lil' Kim
Album :Notorious K.I.M.
Title :

Hold On

[Kim - Verse One]
Oh how it hurtslike child birth
The wounds heal slowyou just don't know
At timesI don't know what to say
And all I do is prayday to day
But stillI feel my strength might die
Like right nowI'm tryin' hard not to cry
Even when I close my eyesI still see it
DamnI just don't believe it
The bad times I buriedlike the cemetery
Unworthy people playin' beneficiaries
A lotta people eatin' off of one man's death
Don't you worry B.I.I'ma ride to my last breath
You killascaused a lotta devastation
You have no idea what you did to this nation
I fuckin' hate youexcuse my frustration
But just when I'm about to quitGod tells me to just

[Mary J. Blige - Chorus]
Don't you give upbe strong
Hold onhold on
Things are gonna get better
Tough timesthey last so long
Hold onhold on
If you believethey will get better

[Kim - Verse Two]
Frank Whitethe man with the money and the fame
Passed awaynow bitches wanna claim his name
I been with my nigga before he came in the game
No one'sno V'swe used to take the train
Just us and the Mafia goin' out to parties
I guess back then we was real nobodies
But he was my niggaand I was his bitch
I rolled hard with himhow could I forget him
Had beef with yo wife that ain't patched up
But still got love for your kids
Even wrote 'em in my will
And I'ma make sure the fam keep a decent meal
No matter what I got to door who I got to kill
Shit is realbabythere ain't no appeal
If I'm fucked upimagine how Mrs. Wallace feels
Sometimes I sit and think how it would be if we was married
Of if I woulda kept the child that I carried
So to my ladiesdon't think I haven't walked in yo shoes
Or thought this was only happenin' to yourigh'
Here's my shoulderyou can lean on this boo
Cuz trust meI know exactly what you're going through


[Kim - Verse Three]
So I guess you know the story of how it all ends
Depressedstresseddon't know who's my real friends
One thing's for sureI can count on my mens
D-RocMoneyLLil' Ceaseand PD
My whole B.I. familyremind me of you
We miss you so muchI love you so much
Never thought life without you would be so rough
But I know we gon make it
We ain't happybut we fakin'
And to New Yorkthanks for the support
And all our real fansI'm shoutin' out the whole land
This is somethin' young kids just won't understand
How they took away this beautiful man
Who shared so many memories
I could go on and onbut a song can only be so long
It's been hardbut I told God that I put up a fight
So here's a Long Kiss GoodnightFrank White



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